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Work breakdown structure

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Giving a hierarchical structure to a project

Work breakdown structure (WBS) divides the whole project into planable and controllable subtasks in a hierarchical way. It contains such characteristics as the description of the work content for the project; the determination of the scope of work; the division into smaller project pieces, subprojects and work packages (hierarchical tree). Its results can be measured according to the work package or the whole executed work.

The project management work breakdown structure, WBS, provides with the full overview of the whole project; divides the project implementation into small, individuall and managable work elements (tasks); to create frameworks for planning, control, monitoring and basis for the cotrolling of deadlines, costs and services; to enable an overview of project costs and to determie project resources. The Work breakdown structure is represented by a graphical form and displays all subcomponents of the total work. Work packages are displayed in the lowest level and are individual and separatable. The project stage captures all elements that are subdivided and determined by the dependence.

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