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Competence of project-related tasks

Responsibility is a competence for the certain challenging work of the project. The responsible person is answerable for the final results so that he is obliged to the enforceable sanctions for the detriment of the project and for the occurred errors. Individual person or the group can also be in charge for the certain task. The responsible persons will not be called to account but lose their influence or are transferred to another job, if the target is missed and it leads to the detriment of the project. The responsibility that is already been granted to somebody is connected with the place in the hierarchy. It includes the right to the certain actions and the granted authority. Limited time and textual responsibilities will be assigned to another person egardless of the hierarchical structure. Various responibles will ensure the fullfilment of the order.

The responsibility is divided in the project management. The customer is responsible for the application of the project results and for the costs generated in the project. The achievement of the project objects, the creation of the appropriate project management and the project implementation are the responsibilities of the project manager. He should also pay attention to the economic use of the resources. The internal or external contractor is obliged to fulfill duly the work packages and tasks. The corporate management should ensure the comparability of the projects in the organizational and operational structure.

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