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Competence of project-related tasks

Responsibility is defined by three inseparable components:

  • Task
  • Authority
  • Accountability

This means that a person cannot be responsible for a task or a field of activity without having the appropriate authorization, such as the right to sign contracts or to give instructions. Since the person in charge is responsible for the results of his area, he also bears the consequences in case of mistakes or failure.

In project management, responsibility is usually distributed among several persons or organizational units. This is determined by contracts, the project organization and delegation. In a project, for example, responsibility could be distributed as follows:

  • Client: Responsible for the use of the project results and the project costs.
  • Project Manager: Responsible for the achievement of the project objectives as well as the creation of an appropriate project management and the implementation of the project.
  • Internal and external suppliers: Responsible for the proper execution of work packages and tasks.

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