Stakeholder Analysis

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Identifying all parties involved in a project

Stakeholder analysis is a component of the environmental analysis and gives an overview of the relevant stakeholders and their influence in the project process. Their interests and position of power are also represented in this analysis. The process is a success factor and considers all parties involved in the project as well as motives and objects. All negative and positive influences on the project are also proved. The stakeholder analysis is therefore a success factor because it distinguishes supporters and opponents of the project that are accordingly treated.

All possible stakeholders are identified in the first stage. The involved persons, who take an active part in the project, and concerned persons, who are directly or indirectly affected by a project, are stakeholders. Their requirements are considered in the second stage. The strategic placement of the stakeholders follows after this stage. The consideration of all possible stakeholder strategies is the last stage; adds the project plan and provides an overview of all dangers that can occur in a project.

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