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Our customers include both well-known blue-chip corporations as well as small and mid-sized companies. We are proud of every single one of them. InLoox PM is used in many different sectors of business in many different ways. If you need specific references for your industry or company size or if you would like to meet one of our reference customers, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Customer list by industry

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Agencies and Media

37 Grad - Büro für Live-Kommunikation GmbH   Providers of communications platforms   50674   Köln   Germany
         GmbH   Advertising agency   50823   Köln-Ehrenfeld   Germany
art-connect GmbH   Advertising agency     84513   Töging am Inn   Germany
basemedia GmbH & Co. KG   Internet agency   32756   Detmold   Germany
BBGK Berliner Botschaft   Advertising agency   10437   Berlin   Germany
BLIM GmbH   Marketing agency   68169   Mannheim   Germany
Bochum Marketing   City advertising, city centers and management, event management and marketing   44787   Bochum   Germany
Büro Maichle-Schmitt   Advertising agency    72525   Münsingen-Bremelau   Germany
Comtainment   Advertising agency   24223   Schwentinental   Germany
Datenwerk GmbH   Advertising agency   80539   Munich   Germany
Deister- und Weserzeitung Verlagsgesellschaft mbH & Co KG   Publishing company   31785   Hameln   Germany
DEKRA Media GmbH   Media agency   41239   Mönchengladbach   Germany
Dr. Kris SC   Journalist   81547   Munich   Germany
DocLX Holding GmbH    Full service agency     1190     Vienna    Austria
Guycolle   Advertising agency   8034   Zurich   Switzerland
HTP Concept   Marketing agency   80331   Munich   Germany
Ketz Marketing   Marketing agency   57627   Hachenburg   Germany
KonText   PR agency   90763   Fürth   Germany
Kosmetikplan   Project agency   75177   Pforzheim   Germany
lemon5 – fresh consulting   Marketing agency   63075   Offenbach   Germany
medionet Publishing Services Ltd   Internet provider / multimedia agency   10789   Berlin   Germany
NextForce   Advertising agency   8043   Zurich   Switzerland
TikTak   Media agency   4053   Basel   Switzerland
TKK   Telecommunications installation   39307   Gladau (Dretzel)   Germany
VIA3 Communications e. U.   Event and advertising agency   6866   Gladau (Dretzel)   Austria
Vincentz Network   Publishing   30175   Hannover   Germany
WERBEAGENTUR Uwe Rengers   Advertising agency   49744   Geeste   Germany
WerbeWeischer GmbH & Co. KG   Advertising agency   22767   Hamburg   Germany
wfp2   Advertising agency   41179   Mönchengladbach   Germany

Building and Construction Industries

Adler Dienstleistungen   Building management   60314   Frankfurt   Germany
Adler + Partner   Consulting, design and construction management   6833   Klaus   Austria
ADOBE Architekten+Ingenieure GmbH   Architectural and engineering firm   01326   Dresden   Germany
All-Brite Electric, Inc.   Electric maintenance and construction.   CT 06516   West Haven   USA
AGT GmbH   Rack construction, civil engineering and road construction   55129   Mainz   Germany
Annodato   Building renovation   04357   Leipzig   Germany
Assindia Bausanierung GmbH   Restoration of buildings   45136   Essen   Germany
b4 Ingenieurleistungen    Counseling and planning in construction for the new building   16540   Hohen Neuendorf   Germany
Bartl Baumanagement   Building renovation   8101   Gratkorn   Austria
Boccia, Inc.   Basement waterproofing, home maintenance.   NY 11040   Garden City Park   USA
DI Tschida Wolfgang   State-authorized and certified technical consultant for surveying   2483   Ebreichsdorf   Austria
GBM GebäudeBetriebsManagement GmbH   Property management, tech. home care and developers   1120   Vienna   Austria
Hautau GmbH   Metal fittings   31691   Helpsen   Germany
H-S GmbH & Co.KG   Real estate   76437   Rastatt   Germany
Jackon Insulation GmbH   Building materials   33803   Steinhagen   Germany
Mähren Immobilien GmbH   Service provider for real estate development and management   10709   Berlin   Germany
merTens   Interior design   41646   Neuss   Germany
Möbel Martin   Home furnishings   66130   Saarbrücken   Germany
RJT Homes   Home development and building   CA 92248   La Quinta   USA
Sachverständigenbüro Klaus Mutter   Surveyor for the building industry   79761   Waldshut-Tiengen Indlekofen   Germany
Selbsthilfe Bauverein   Housing association   24943   Flensburg   Germany
Spear Corporation   Plan, design, construct and maintain commercial swimming pools, mechanical rooms, filter and chemical systems.   IN 46172   Rochdale   USA
Zenkner Consulting Engineer   Engineering association of construction   8010   Graz   Austria


AH-Consult   Business consultancy   77791   Berghaupten   Germany
Akinci Law Office   Law office   35250   Izmir   Turkey
Assenmacher Network GmbH   Business consultancy   50968   Cologne   Germany
BTT Treuhand Steuerberatungsgesellschaft   Receivership, tax consultancy   98693   Ilmenau   Germany
buw customer care operations Münster GmbH   Customer management consulting   48155   Münster   Germany
CNA-Consulting   Business consultancy   09350   Lichtenstein   Lichtenstein
Dacon Consult   Business consultancy   54296   Trier   Germany
ejd GmbH    Consulting in the range of  business development   8002   Zürich   Switzerland
Elmar Sing & Partner   Business consultancy   68309   Mannheim   Germany
EnergieAgentur.NRW prisma consult GmbH   Individual contracting consultancy    42103   Wuppertal   Germany 
flint real estate GmbH   Business consultancy   8010   Graz   Austria
gfa public GmbH   Consultancy   10119   Berlin   Germany
Greenwich Consulting Schweiz   Business consultancy   3073   Gümlingen   Switzerland
Holzer Consulting   Business consultancy and coaching   61476   Kronberg   Germany
IFK Consulting   Business consultancy   39042   Brixen   Italy
Infamilia   Family support   33378   Rheda-Wiedenbrück   Germany
Ingenieurbüro für Verfahrenstechnik Unternehmensberatung   Consultancy   4522   Sierning   Austria
IT-C Erwin Grum   Business consultancy   8020   Graz   Austria
Joachim Rottluff Unternehmensberatung   Business consultancy   90425   Nuremberg   Germany
key-SIS   Business consultancy   20457   Hamburg   Germany
Kiefer & Partner   Business consultancy   95512   Neudrossenfeld   Germany
Kupper GmbH   Partner for energy efficiency advice and the introduction of energy management systems   82335   Berg   Germany
Logos Consult   Business consultancy   01219   Dresden   Germany
Müller und Rautmann   Receivership, tax consultancy   39112   Magdeburg   Germany
Navardo   Management consultancy   60528   Frankfurt   Germany
NLF Bürgerwind GmbH    Advice and support in the community wind initiative in the district of Steinfurt   48369   Saerbeck   Germany
SiCor Engineering Partners GbR   Consulting and planning firm   74357   Bönnigheim   Germany
SPIRIT/21 AG   Internationally oriented consulting and services company   71034   Böblingen   Germany
Strategic Environmental Consulting Limited    Business consultancy    CB24 9PT    Cambridge    England 
Unternehmensberatung Jürgen Schäfer   Business consultancy   67240   Bobenheim-Roxheim   Germany
VSOP | Value Stream optimized Processes   Business consultancy   68766   Hockenheim   Germany

Research, Educational & Academic Institutions, Charities

Georg-Müller-Schulen   Schools   78054   VS-Schwenningen   Germany
Hochschule Darmstadt   University of Applied Sciences   64295   Darmstadt   Germany
Hochschule München   University of Applied Sciences   80335   Munich   Germany
Immo Valor GmbH KG    Real estate    1150     Vienna    Austria  
IMR - Institute for Medical Research, Inc   Non-profit medical research institute, focusing on research for Veteran population.   NC 27705   Durham   USA
Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen - Institut für Anatomie und Zellbiologie    University   35392   Gießen   Germany
Look Now Pty Ltd   Training and employment services.   WA   Hilton   Australia
Monroe Community College   Academic and educational institution   NY 14623   Rochester   USA
Pan-European University APEIRON Banja Luka   University   87102   Banjaluka   Bosnia and Herzegovina
Pro Heraldica Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft für Heraldik und Genealogie mbH   Research Institute   70597   Stuttgart   Germany
Ruhr-Universität Bochum   University   44801   Bochum   Germany
Santa Clara University   Academic and educational institution   CA 95053   Santa Clara   USA
Sorco Vocational Services Pty Ltd   RTO Consultancy and Service Provider for the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector   QLD   Waterford West   Australia
SOS-Kinderdorf e.V.   SOS foundation   80639   Munich   Germany
Technische Universität Darmstadt   University   64277   Darmstadt   Germany
Technologienetzwerk Allgäu    Research and Development   87435   Kempten   Germany
Translational Genomics Research Institute   Medical research institute and foundation.   AZ 85004   Phoenix   USA
Verband angestellter Akademiker und leitender Angestellter der chemischen Industrie e.V. (VAA)   Professional association and trade union   50670   Cologne   Germany
ver.di Bildung + Beratung   Educational institution   40470   Dusseldorf   Germany
Verwaltungsgesellschaft für Wissenschaftspflege   Benefactors' association   45239   Essen   Germany
Volkshochschule Papenburg   Adult education center   26871   Papenburg   Germany
Volksschulgemeinde Bezirk Diessenhofen   Education   8253   Diessenhofen   Germany
Waldorfschule Schwabing    School    80802     Munich    Germany 

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Bergbauers Apotheken   Apotheken   77815   Bühl   Deutschland
Brinker Pharmaconsulting    Dienstleistung rund um die Arzneimittelzulassung   14109   Berlin   Deutschland
Cegedim Strategic Data   Marktforschungsunternehmen für die pharmazeutische Industrie     07302   Jersey City, NJ   USA
Cellca GmbH   Biopharmazeutischer Produzent   88471   Laupheim   Deutschland
evocatal   Hersteller von Biokatalysatoren und Feinchemikalien   40225   Düsseldorf   Deutschland
FERRO DUO GmbH   Chemikalien   47053   Duisburg   Deutschland
Laverana GmbH & Co. KG   Hersteller von Naturkosmetik-Produkten     30974    Wennigsen    Deutschland 
MEDENA AG   Anbieter von hochwertigen Kosmetikprodukten   8910   Affoltern   Schweiz
Normed Medizin-Technik   Hersteller von medizinischen Produkten   78532   Tuttlingen   Deutschland
Novartis Pharma GmbH   Biotechnologie- und Pharmaunternehmen   90429   Nürnberg   Deutschland
Stern Apotheke Hüttenberg    Apotheke     35625     Hüttenberg-Rechtenbach     Deutschland 
Transo-Pharm   Medizintechnik   22962   Siek   Deutschland
VBM Medizintechnik GmbH   Medizinprodukte   72172   Sulz am Necker   Deutschland

Communication and Service Industries

ACR Brändli & Vögeli AG   Car media specialist   5330   Bad Zurzach   Switzerland
ALPHACLEAN Nord GmbH    Building cleaning   30419   Hannover   Germany
AnSiTeG GmbH   Safety, Environmental and Quality Management   67454   Haßloch    Germany
Asendia Management SAS   Shipping provider for the international mail order   3030   Bern   Switzerland
Athesia Buch GmbH   Book shops and online book shops   39100   Bozen   Italy
Berlin Recycling GmbH   Disposal company   10829   Berlin   Germany
BFI Hanseatische Service & Consulting   Financial consultancy, debt collectionbuw Holding GmbH   28207   Bremen   Germany
BPW baumgart+partner    City and Regional Planning, advising public and private decision makers as well as exploring new guidelines and procedures   28203   Bremen   Germany
buckOPTIMAL   Workshop organization for carpenters   48149   Muenster   Germany
buw Holding GmbH   Customer management   49078   Osnabrück   Germany
CEcert GmbH   Service companies   23966   Wismar   Germany
dikon elektronik Vertriebs GmbH   Electronics manufacturing and sales   37079   Göttingen   Germany
DMS - DATA+MAIL Schinnerl   Digital printing   8020   Graz   Austria
Dr. Michael F. Ochsenfeld   Legal profession   31134   Hildesheim   Germany
Dr. Wilke GmbH    Health service   81829   Munich   Germany
Dreyer-Technik GmbH   Communication and automation technology, video surveillance equipment and electrical installations   23883   Klein Zecher   Germany
Ekonomo   Controlling and quality management   68753   Waghäusel   Germany
Energie Waldeck-Frankenberg GmbH   Energy service   34497   Korbach   Germany

Energy-Services Handels- und

Dienstleistungs GmbH

  Energy trading and service company   8051   Graz-Gösting   Austria
Fauth-Herkner & Partner   Personnel services   81479   Munich   Germany
fortu Holding AG   Holding company   4052   Basel   Switzerland
GfK System GmbH   Communication solutions   82041   Oberhaching   Germany
Great Plains Communications   Communication solutions   68008   Blair, NE   USA
HABEMUS! electronic + transfer GmbH    Individual and creative solutions for electronic products     86470     Thannhausen     Germany 
Hewlett -Packard   Technology companies   94304   Palo Alto, CA   USA
HLB Dr. Stückmann    Auditing and tax consultancy     33602     Bielefeld     Germany 
Horn & Görwitz GmbH & Co.KG   Document management   10553   Berlin   Germany
hydrograv GmbH   Provider of systems engineering   01059   Dresden   Germany
IBExU Institut für Sicherheitstechnik GmbH   Safety technology   09599   Freiberg   Germany
Inotec Sicherheitstechnik GmbH   Innovative and customer oriented solutions for the Emergency and security lighting   59469   Ense   Germany
JEKO AG - Market Research   Market research institute   3013   Bern   Switzerland
Kofler Energies   Corporate energy management   44789   Bochum   Germany
K-TEL Communications GmbH   Communication solutions   10785   Berlin   Germany
Look Now    Training and employment services   4575   Queensland   Australia
Lorsbach+Hammer BrandschutzConsult GmbH   Fire protection consulting, planning, expert opinions and concepts   42651   Solingen   Germany
MAKRA Norbert Kraft GmbH    Environmental services and chemical products    73037   Göppingen/Voralb   Germany
Malora    Services in the field of PCB layout, engravings and laser labelling   4433   Ramlinsburg   Switzerland
Marktgemeinde Vorau   Municipality   8250   Vorau   Austria
mediaprint mauthe kalender verlag GmbH    Production of promotional calendars     67227     Frankenthal     Germany 
Media-Print Group GmbH    Services for print and logistics     33100     Paderborn     Germany 
Media Services Group Ltd.   Cloud based enterprise publishing software for book and magazine publishers.   77069   Houston, TX   USA
myPharmacy GmbH   Pharmacy care in all functional areas   85774   Unterföhring   Germany 
Neopost    Post editing   80339   Munich   Germany
Picture GmbH    Public administration services   48147   Münster   Germany
            Delivery service online portal   38114   Braunschweig   Germany
RAISCH GmbH & Co.KG     Institute for Strategic Organizational and human resource development Training / Coaching   70180   Stuttgart   Germany
RUTTE Sicherungstechnik    Building control and safety systems     06188     Landsberg     Germany 
SCUS GmbH   Mechanical and climatic studies   01189   Dresden   Germany
Segrest & Segrest, PC    Lawyers   76657   McGregor, TX   USA
Stadtwerke Lübbecke GmbH    Service provider for electricity, gas and water supply for propane storage   32312   Lübbecke   Germany
Stadtwerke Wörgl GmbH    Electric power and drinking water supplier, sewage disposal, waste management and IT services   6300   Wörgl   Austria
SWN Stadtwerke Neumünster Beteiligungen GmbH    Service provider for electricity gas and district heating   24534   Neumüster   Germany
Syndicat    Promotional items   80539   Munich   Germany
Telecom Liechtenstein    Telecommunications   LI-9490   Vaduz   Lichtenstein
Telia Kitchen Rentals GmbH   Rental of professional technical infrastructure for kitchens   5211   Lengau   Austria
tw CONSULT   Personnel service provider   71540   Murrhardt   Germany
Ü-tech Gesellschaft zur Überprüfung technischer Geräte mbH Rödermark    Society for the examination of technical devices   63322   Rödermark   Germany
ver.di    Service sector union   10179   Berlin   Germany
Verizon Wireless   IT and communication solutions   30004   Alpheretta, GA   USA
Werner Lampert Beratungsges.m.b.H.    Development and implementation of organic food projects   1010   Vienna   Austria
Westfalen AG   Supplier of technical gases and westfalengas   48155   Münster   Germany

Financial and Insurance Service Industries

Baader Bank AG   Securities trading   85716   Unterschleißheim   Germany
CT-payment inc.    Debit and credit card companies   J6A ROAD    Repentigny   Canada
delphi Management Limited   Fund and private equity administration   HM 12   Hamilton   Bermuda
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland   Financial services and banking.   OH 44114   Cleveland   USA
FinanzDock   Financial services support   40221   Dusseldorf   Germany
FORIS AG   Legal financial services   53113   Bonn   Germany
MPC Capital AG   Investment consultancy   22767   Hamburg   Germany
NORD/LB KAG   Investment trust   30159   Hannover   Germany
The Victory Bank   Bank   PA 19468   Limerick   USA

Consumer Goods Industry

Amplifon Deutschland GmbH   Sale and customization of hearing solutions   20537   Hamburg   Germany
Aquatic Life Ltd.   Aquarium equipment and supplies   MB ROE 0   Pinawa   Canada
Bornack    Safety cables and ropes   74360   Ilsfeld   Germany
Cecile Brautmoden   Fashion   50170   Kerpen-Sindorf   Germany
Deerberg Versand GmbH   Fashion   29582   Hanstedt   Germany
DELTA-V GmbH   Office equipment   42279   Wuppertal   Germany
EHRET GmbH   Manufacturer of aluminum shutters   77972   Mahlberg   Germany
Emmerich Exklusivbrillen    Sale of eyeglass frames   58313   Herdecke   Germany
Genius GmbH   Manufacture and sale of kitchen and household appliances   65549   Limburg   Germany
EP: ElectronicPartner     Retailers for consumer electronics   40472   Dusseldorf   Germany
ETERNA Mode GmbH   Fashion company   94036   Passau   Germany
HITACHI Power Tools Europe GmbH   Manufacturer of the leading power tools   47877   Willich   Germany
Hohner Musikinstrumente GmbH & Co.KG   Manufacturer of musical instruments   78647   Trossingen   Germany
Hünersdorff GmbH   Plastics processing industry   71636   Ludwigsburg   Germany
Internorm-Fester GmbH   Manufacturer of windows and doors   93059   Regensburg   Germany
Kaufmann Gebäudetechnik   Electrical   55595   Burgsponheim   Germany
Leonardo   Glassware and gifts   33014   Bad Driburg   Germany
M+W Dental Müller&Weygandt GmbH   Versandhandels-Unternehmen für dentale Verbrauchsgüter   63654   Büdingen   Germany
NBS GmbH   Lighting systems   24558   Henstedt-Ulzburg   Germany
NOSCH GmbH   Beverage dispensing solutions   27432   Basdahl   Germany
OUI   Fashion   80809   Munich   Germany
Palm am Fleinertor GmbH    Fashion home     74072     Heilbronn     Germany 
Pentax Europe   Manufacturer of cameras, camera lenses and more optical products   22527   Hamburg   Germany
REV IT! Sport   development and promotion of REV’IT! motorcycle clothing   NY 10156   New York   USA
PM Atemschutz GmbH   Supplier of workplace safety   41066   Mönchengladbach   Germany
Schweitzer Sortiment   Publishing (textbooks)   20095   Hamburg   Germany
SLV Elektronik GmbH   Lighting systems   52531   Übach-Palenberg   Germany
Stuco   Footwear   3360   Herzogenbuchsee   Switzerland
TeleTech GmbH   Partner for Alcatel Lucent phone systems and HP Networking   15806   Zossen   Germany
WEMO-tec GmbH       Use and rental of high quality machinery equipment and scaffolding   36124   Eichenzell   Germany
WKS Textilveredlungs GmbH    textile processing, products view, laboratory tests, Repair of textiles, quality assurance   49849   Wilsum   Germany
WMF Group GmbH   Manufacturer of coffee machines and products for kitchen and table   73312   Geislingen/Steige   Germany

Skilled Trades and Crafts

bachmayer GmbH    Shopfitting,  shop Furnishings and Interior   84137   Vilsbiburg   Germany
B & K Kunststoffwerke GmbH & Co. KG   Toolmaking   53227   Bonn   Germany
Längle GmbH    Specialist for surface technology   6833   Klaus   Austria
Malermeister Manfred Schraa   Painting and decorating trades   53819   Neunkirchen Seelscheid    Germany
Netzer Elektrotechnik   Electrical installations and energy management   6700   Bludenz   Austria
RHZ Handwerks-Zentrum GmbH    Housing modernization, small repair management, sewer rehabilitation / -Maintenance and traffic Safety   45896   Gelsenkirchen   Germany
Solera GmbH   Electrician companies   72351   Geislingen-Binsdorf   Germany
Thermografie Koschorreck   Special construction   57413   Finnentrop-Heggen   Germany
Tracwest Machinery   Repairs and services   WA 6065   Landsdale   USA

Engineering and Project Development

Carts Real-Time Solutions   Consulting engineers   34131   Kassel   Germany
Ethoshift GmbH    Project and business development     6370     Stans     Switzerland
GFM Geo-Forschungsgruppe Marburg   Consulting engineers   35037   Magdeburg   Germany
Großheimann Planungsgesellschaft   Planning agency   45128   Essen   Germany
Hock Ingenieur Consulting   Consulting engineers   82362   Weilheim   Germany
IBL Ingenieurbüro Dipl.-Ing. Lamberg   Consulting engineers   14195   Berlin   Germany
Ingenieurbüro Hackert   Consulting engineers   71229   Leonberg   Germany
Ingenieurbüro Hannweber   Consulting engineers   01237   Dresden   Germany
Ing.- Büro Scheerer- TGA   Consulting engineers   83435    Bad Reichenhall    Germany
Ingenieurbüro Schardt   Consulting engineers   96103   Hallstadt   Germany
Ingenieurtechnik NordWest   Consulting engineers   26125   Oldenburg   Germany
K-Automotiv GmbH   Engineering services and mechanical engineering   16567   Mühlenbeck   Germany
Lang GmbH   Engineering office for industrial design   4694   Ohlsdorf   Austria
Projektierungsgesellschaft für regenerative Energiesysteme mbH   Planning, realization and financing of wind energy projects   26127   Oldenburg   Germany
Publicore   Publishing solutions   71334   Waiblingen   Germany
punto Ese Projektentwicklung   Project development   5310   Mondsee   Austria
SMD + Partner   Designer, architects   52070   Aachen   Germany
SYS+ENG   Consulting engineers   38259   Salzgitter-Bad   Germany

IT Industry

ABO-Storage Distribution AG   Project-oriented distributor   1258   Perly   Switzerland
Aconso AG    Software manufacturer   80336   München   Germany
Altanis GmbH    Software development   82377   Penzberg    Germany
Art E Tec   Web design, marketing, IT services   85139   Wettstetten   Germany
ASB Informationstechnik GmbH    IT service   47166   Duisburg   Germany
Ascom Deutschland GmbH   Solution provider of mission-critical communication   60388   Frankfurt am Main   Germany
asdf asdf   Web development & Web Design   28199   Bremen   Germany
B:NETZT Kommunikationsarchitektur GmbH   IT system house   79539   Loerrach   Germany
Babtec Informationssysteme GmbH   Specializing in computer-aided quality planning, quality assurance and quality management   42285   Wuppertal   Germany
Brauer EDV   IT services   28816   Stuhr   Germany
Brunnbauer Consulting   IT services   84144   Geisenhausen   Germany
C+C Systems GmbH    System house   51688   Wipperfürth   Germany
Camtek GmbH   IT services   71384   Weinstadt-Endersbach   Germany
CANCOM Deutschland GmbH   System house, cloud computing, IT services   89343   Jettingen-Scheppach   Germany
COMback GmbH   Backup data center for disaster   75394   Oberreichenbach   Germany
Conrac GmbH   Display systems   97990   Weikersheim   Germany
consonoIT   IT technology   78465   Konstanz   Germany
DataBit GmbH   Software manufacturer   9217   Neukirch an der Thur   Switzerland
Datagest   Business software   61121   Pesaro   Germany
DrehPunkt   Software development   18119   Rostock   Germany
Gastro-MIS GmbH   IT services for gastronomy   82116   Gräfelfing   Germany
GS Computersysteme GmbH    Business software    74385     Pleidelsheim     Germany 
HS-Soft AG   Software development   6343   Rotkreuz   Switzerland
id-netsolutions GmbH   IT services   23863   Kayhude   Germany
            IT solutions   6600    Reutte     Austria
ITZ Informationstechnologie-Zentrum Rostock GmbH   Software development, system solutions, industry solutions   41238   Mönchengladbach   Germany
Joint Notion Development GmbH   Consulting services in the field of Information technology   89129   Langenau   Germany
Kapaya Software GmbH   Software development   77948   Friesenheim   Germany
Kontego AB   IT company   41140   Göteborg   Sweden
Laufenberg Computersysteme   IT technology   44867   Bochum   Germany
Livesystems AG   Digital passenger information systems   66115   Saarbrücken   Germany
Löser Medizintechnik GmbH    Software manufacturer   04275   Leipzig   Germany
MdC EDV-Beratung   IT technology   1080   Vienna   Austria
MSG Management Service GmbH & Co. KG    Business consultancy, software development   40764   Langenfeld   Germany
MTI Technology GmbH   Data storage solutions   65205   Wiesbaden   Germany
NewVision Consulting   IT services   6330   Cham   Switzerland
ORGA-Support GmbH   IT services   28188   Bremen   Germany
Point Solutions AG    IT services   6002   Luzern   Switzerland
Publitiv GmbH    IT services   3011   Bern   Switzerland
rent-an-admin   IT services   85622   Feldkirchen   Germany
Siemens AG    IT solutions und service   80333   Munich   Germany
SIGMA SYSTEMS GmbH   IT services   90491   Nuremberg   Germany
Sohard AG   IT consulting and solutions   3006   Bern   Switzerland
SOMETAC engineering GmbH    Software development, software testing and software quality management   90449   Nürnberg   Germany
Studerus AG   IT services   8603   Schwerzenbach   Switzerland
Sycube Informationstechnologie GmbH    IT solutions   1030   Vienna   Austria
Systemhaus Krick GmbH & Co.KG    IT system house   32549   Bad Oeynhausen   Germany
Technogroup IT-Service GmbH    IT services   65239   Hochheim   Germany
TeleTech    IT technology   15806   Zossen   Germany
VIA Consulting & Development GmbH   Consulting services and software solutions   52066   Aachen   Germany
VPN Deutschland Ltd. & Co.KG   Offering solutions for business networking   32549   Bad Oeynhausen   Germany
Wabnitz IT & Media Company    IT services   95448   Bayreuth   Germany

Health Care and Social Service Providers

Adveniat   Episcopal comission   45127   Essen   Germany
AOK plus    Health insurance   01067   Dresden    Germany
Bausch + Lomb   Eye care products   NJ 07940   Madison   USA
Beacon Health Strategies    Health strategies     MA 02109       Boston     USA 
Central Nassau Guidance and Counseling Services, Inc.   Community services and health care.   NY 11801   Hicksville   USA
Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin   University hospital   10117   Berlin   Germany
Deutscher Verband für Landschaftspflege e.V. - Artenagentur Schleswig-Holstein    Management of projects of species and nature protection   24220     Flintbek   Germany 
Deutsches Rotes Kreuz e.V.   National red cross society   12205   Berlin   Germany
Diakonie Himmelsthür   Institute for handicapped persons   31139   Hildesheim   Germany
Diözese Würzburg   Institute for handicapped persons   97070   Würzburg   Germany
Ev.-Luth. Kirchenkreis Lübeck-Lauenburg   Parish   23564   Lübeck   Germany
GanzImmun   Laboratory   55128   Mainz   Germany
GP International Holding B.V.   Nutritional supplements   NH 6466   Kerkrade   Netherlands
HealthAlliance Hospital   Health care services   FL 33020   St. Augustine   USA
Hernienzentrum München   Hernia surgery   80331   Munich   Germany
Hillsong Church, Sidney, Australia   Church and community services   NSW 2153   Baulkham Hills   Australia
I.E.M. GmbH   Research, development, manufacture of medical devices   52222   Stolberg   Germany
INTELICT GbR   Development of educational approaches to promoting human development   47506   Neukirchen-Vluyn   Germany
ISG Intermed Service   Medical supplies   21502   Geesthacht   Germany
Kingman Regional Medical Center   Health care services, hospital.   AZ 86409   Kingman   USA
Krankenhaus Düren gem. GmbH   University teaching hospital   73230   Düren   Germany
Kreiskliniken Esslingen   Health care (hospital)   73230   Kirchheim unter Teck   Germany
Kreiskrankenhaus Freiberg gemeinnützige GmbH   University teaching hospital   09599   Freiberg   Germany
LeaderPlus e.K.   Self-help association   73312   Geislingen   Germany
Medizinische Systeme Dr. Muschaweck   Precision optical Instruments   81679   Munich   Germany
MGH Bad Kissingen   Meeting place for women, men and families   97688   Bad Kissingen   Germany
Oral + Venture AG   Dental practices   40212   Dusseldorf   Germany
Rosenheimer Beratungsgesellschaft für betriebliche Altersversorgung mbH   Occupational pension scheme   83022   Rosenheim   Germany
Rutherford Regional Medical Center   Health care services.   NC 28139   Rutherford   USA
Silver Chain Group   Non-profit in-home health and care provider.   WA   Osborne Park   Australia
           Urban development   12161   Berlin   Switzerland
SVA Aargau    Social security of Canton of Aargau, Switzerland   5001   Aarau   Germany
THALAMUS Köln Akademie für Naturheilkunde    Alternative practitioner training   50823   Cologne   Germany
WestMed GmbH   Medical service   25746   Heide   Germany
Zahnärztliche Gemeinschaftspraxis Dr. Andreas Lochbrunner Dr. Annely Lochbrunner    Joint dental practice   88131   Lindau   Germany

Trade Fair and Event Management Industries

asm Messeprofis AG   Trade-fair concepts and realization   8586   Erlen   Switzerland
Commpany   Event agency   36391    Sinntal    Germany
Edition Sportiva   Event agency   81541   Munich   Germany
Interplan   Event management   80687   Munich   Germany
LK Aktiengesellschaft   Lighting, sound and multimedia systems   45307   Essen   Germany
Messe Pro   Trade fair planning and implementation   35633   Lahnau   Germany
Messebau Keck   Booth construction   71263   Weil der Stadt / Merklingen   Germany
Messegrafik & Messebau Schreiber   Design, production and implementation of trade fairs   61389   Schmitten   Germany
Planwerk-Events GmbH & Co KG    Event Management   67269   Grünstadt   Germany
Schendel & Pawlaczyk Messebau   Trade fair stands   48161   Münster   Germany
step one   Event and trade fair agency   22761   Hamburg   Germany
Topas Dekoration   Trade fair stands, displays   12555   Berlin   Germany
WETZEL Service   Event and trade fair agency, corporate services   4142   Münchenstein   Germany

Metal and Plastics Industries

AST Alu System-Technik   Aluminum shutters   6710   Nenzing   Austria
Förster Kunststofftechnik    Plactic injection modling   92256    Hahnbach   Germany
Gesamtverband der Deutschen Buntmetallindustrie   Generating representation of nonferrous   10179   Berlin   Germany
Klar Oberflächen   Laser and surface technology   75210   Keltern   Germany
MBK Metallbau GmbH    Metal working and processing and special constructions    34497     Korbach     Germany
Metallbau Burckhardt GmbH    Construction of glass and metal elements    30916     Isernhagen     Germany 
Mosmatic AG   Car wash technology, high pressure cleaning technology, rotary unions   9126   Necker   Switzerland
Riel GmbH & Co. KG   Plastic injection molding, assembley methods, precision tool making   75038   Oberderdingen   Germany
S & S Metalltechnik OHG   Stell erection and design   89293   Kellmünz   Germany
Vogt Stanzteile GmbH   Metal processing   72297   Seewald-Besenfeld   Germany
Wieland Dental   Dental, recycling and precious metal technology   75179   Pforzheim   Germany

Food and CPG Industries

Agrochemica GmbH   Agricultural animal feeds   28259   Bremen   Germany
Bell AG    Meat sector   4056   Basel   Switzerland
Handl Tyrol   Foodstuffs and stimulants   6551   Pians   Austria
Helmut Löser GmbH & Co. KG Waffelfabrik   Production and processing of flat wafers   65232   Traunstein-Orlen   Germany
International Foodservice Distributors Association   Industry association and services.   VA 22102   McLean   USA
Marktbäckerei Hornung   Bakery   19395   Plau   Germany
MIDOR AG   Created and produced biscuit an