InLoox + Outlook

Seamless integration for continuous workflows

  • InLoox in Outlook: With the InLoox for Outlook add-in, you can extend Outlook with a powerful, intuitive solution that fits seamlessly into your daily workflow. InLoox interacts with your Outlook elements and makes task and project management even more efficient.
  • Outlook in InLoox: There is also an Outlook integration on the web. This enables a centralized way of working and seamless information flows in InLoox Web App.
Integrated project management with InLoox for Outlook

Project management seamlessly integrated in Outlook

Simplify your project management with the InLoox for Outlook Modern Add-in, which works directly in your familiar Outlook environment. With the side panel, you can manage tasks and projects efficiently without having to switch between applications, for convenient workflows:

  • Central task overview of current and upcoming tasks
  • Easy creation, editing and checking off of tasks
  • Automatic suggestion of tasks from email content via AI assistant to save time and increase efficiency
  • Intelligent time tracking with stopwatch function

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Work with Outlook-elements comfortably
in InLoox Web App

An Outlook-integration is also possible on the web: access your emails and appointments directly in InLoox Web App and handle all activities without media discontinuities. Hereby you benefit from uniquely fast workflows:

  • Create time tracking entries directly from Outlook-appointments
  • Book appointments on projects via drag & drop
  • Save emails and attachments in projects
InLoox Referenzkunde: Internorm

„No other product is integrated into Microsoft Outlook that seamlessly, lives up to all of our expectations and is that easy to handle.”

Andreas Kronsteiner, Head of IT, Internorm International GmbH

High user acceptance through familiar user interface

InLoox is at home in all areas where your users already know their way around - for example, in the inbox or the calendar. This facilitates the introduction within the company and significantly improves both acceptance and data quality.

  • InLoox turns Outlook into a project management platform
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Has a high user acceptance thanks to the familiar user interface
  • For convenient workflows directly out of a familiar environment

Convenient workflows out of a familiar environment

Use Outlook-elements such as calendar entries, tasks, contacts and e-mails for your projects and benefit from workflows without media discontinuities:

  • Create tasks or entire projects from a single e-mail
  • Save e-mails and attachments as project documents with one click
  • Use Outlook-contacts for resource management
  • Create time tracking entries from e-mails
  • Book calendar appointments to projects

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