project management with InLoox

Goal-oriented project management with InLoox - plan projects, monitor deadlines, track progress

Project time planning using Gantt charts

Visualize activities, milestones and tasks of the project & monitor project progress

An intuitive project planning that meets all your requirements

  • Interactive & always up-to-date: You are always able to see the project progress in real time. As soon as a task is completed, it is automatically reported back and the task status is synchronized with the project planning.
  • Realistic: Create accurate time estimates across all project-related activities. Also, integrate individual working time calendars.
  • Intuitive & flexible: Display even extensive and complex processes with dependencies intuitively. This way, everyone understands the current situation as well as future planning steps.
  • On-time delivery & fulfillment of customer specifications: The project planning supports you in the coordination of the project process and in meeting deadlines. This way, you achieve the goals you have defined.

Multi-project management made easy

Visualize connections & manage dependencies at the same time

Combine projects & manage them effortlessly in parallel

  • Create connections: Link project plans between two or more interdependent projects. This allows you to identify dependencies and bottlenecks in resource allocation and to take countermeasures in good time.
  • Integrate elements into other projects: For example, incorporate individual milestones or tasks from the company-wide master project plan into specific departmental projects.

Holistic & foresighted portfolio management

Creating a basis for targeted decisions

Compilation of a value-adding project portfolio

  • Analysis & evaluation: Gain an overview of all projects and their underlying conditions. Weigh them according to your own evaluation criteria and analyze projects e.g. according to their duration, costs, opportunities, risks, goals or strategies.
  • Increase profitability: Use previous analyses as a basis for the proper prioritization of your projects. In this way, compile a economically effective project portfolio and provide comprehensive support for projects with a higher level of importance.
Johannes Knott, Internationales Produktionsmanagement | BIA Gruppe

„The unique feature of our solution with InLoox is the tracking and coordination of large projects. In doing so, we have to map the simultaneous interaction of many different departments and areas.“

Johannes Knott, International Production Management, BIA Group

Manage finances & increase profitability

Monitor margins, realistically plan, control and optimize project costs

Don't just create project budgets, but also manage and optimize them in real time

  • Real-time data: There is no need to wait for the accounting department - you have access to all relevant data directly in InLoox at any time and you can use it for further analyses.
  • Forecasting: Detect budget variances early and eliminate risks before their occurrence - with the help of visual representations and evaluations.
  • Across systems: Put the available data into a broader context and analyze InLoox data in combination with other data sources, such as ERP and CRM systems.
  • High-resolution: Not just superficial, but in-depth analyses - evaluate data at any time in fine granularity at the level of e.g. individual tasks, planning elements, defined performance groups, individual projects or the entire portfolio.

Manage resources in an optimal way

Identify bottlenecks & allocate tasks more efficiently

Resource overview & workload

Achieve goals effectively, faster and in harmony with the team

  • Real-time workload at hand: With the resource overview, you have an immediate and complete overview of the workload, which is composed of the project workload & Outlook appointments.
  • Individual structures: Define individual teams. Monitor workloads and free capacities in real-time and react quickly to bottlenecks.
  • Achieving balance: To create a balanced workload between teams and team members, assign tasks to another resource by simply one click.
  • Targeted and efficient resource allocation: Add skills to your team members, e.g. language skills, special expertise or certifications. This allows you to find the right team member with the required skills for specific projects or tasks.
InLoox Referenzkunde - Ebnat AG

"The transparent presentation of the projects in InLoox provides more planning security and peace of mind. This even helps with the overall management of the company and has positive effects on all business units."

Thomas Hilberer, project manager, ebnat AG


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