Significant controlling and
reporting with InLoox

Project controlling with InLoox - evaluate projects, analyze data and make forecasts

Facts and figures - in all levels of detail

Real-time insights at the touch of a button

Project KPIs using real-time dashboards

  • Performance of the entire project-portfolio: Effortlessly monitor all expenses, revenues, margins, deadlines, and other key project KPIs. 
  • Budget analyses: Compare how much of the budget has already been spent, what it has been invested in, and what is still available. 
  • Recognize risks: Use a traffic light system, e.g. to identify potential budget or deadline overruns and take timely countermeasures.
  • Customize individually: Use the dashboard designer to create graphical project dashboards from various chart options and data sources

Everything you need at a glance

Summaries and evaluations using reports

Create & download reports quickly and easily

Get started right away: InLoox provides you with a variety of different report types and templates that are ready to use out of the box, e.g.

  • Status reports
  • Planning and budget overviews
  • Comparison of planned/actual data
  • Cross-project timesheets

Customize: Adjust the layout of your project reports according to your corporate design - quickly and without programming skills.

InLoox Referenzkunde: EWE

"In a project of this size [...] the transparency and validity over the course of the project are enormous benefits. Only because we always reflect the current project status with InLoox and act uniformly across companies, we can communicate properly and build trust with the outside world." 

project manager, enera project, EWE AG

Cross-project analyses at the click of a button

Keeping the overview with list views

All important information at a glance

  • Cross-project overview: Get an overview across all projects with custom list views for projects, tasks, documents, and time tracking. 
  • Sort, filter, group: List views let you organize items, e.g. by resources, project types, priorities, etc. 
  • Search & find the right information: Use built-in operators (e.g. contains (not), begins/ends with, is (not) equal to) to find the information you're looking for.
  • Traffic light system: Highlight infos visually with conditional formatting. For example, create a traffic light system to track project progress - red might indicate that the project is in danger of not being completed on time.

Standard interface to Power BI

Use InLoox data for even more comprehensive evaluations and insights

Increase the value of your InLoox data and enable data-based decisions
  • Targeted analyses: Analyze project data according to a wide range of criteria.
  • Combination:  Merge InLoox data with other data sets and analyze them together in one data model.
  • Visualizing results: Create graphical charts and diagrams.
  • Powerful project reports: Create customized and insightful real-time reports, even with large amounts of data.
  • Easy handling: Quick and easy integration of InLoox data to Power BI.

Your personal demo with an expert: 
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  • Plan projects & distribute tasks
  • Track times & capture budgets
  • Visualize project metrics in dashboards & reports