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Project management in mechanical engineering

Challenges & Solutions in Engineering

  • Manage resources optimally

    4 out of 10 companies in the mechanical engineering sector in Germany are working at the upper capacity limit. The shortage of skilled workers is seen by 80% of decision makers as one of the biggest obstacles to growth (PWC Maschinenbau-Barometer: April 2023).

    InLoox supports you competently in improving the handling of scarce resources.
    With the fine-grained InLoox resource overview, you map the real workload and availabilities of team members. Individual working hours such as part-time can be specified, calendars are automatically synchronized. On this basis, you can carry out effective and realistic capacity planning, which provides you with reliable information and ultimately ensures that deadlines are met.

  • Manage dependencies & plan realistically

    Interdependencies between individual project phases are commonplace in mechanical engineering. Often, the development and production of individual components represent projects in themselves, so that the big picture is made up of numerous components.

    In order to manage these complex dependencies and parallel running projects, a realistic project time planning is needed.
    It supports you in coordinating the project schedule and meeting deadlines. With the help of the Gantt chart, you can visualize design, production, test and strategic planning steps as they are common in mechanical engineering. In this way, you create transparency about the current situation and future actions. By linking the plans of different sub-projects, you can identify all dependencies and bottlenecks at a glance and, if necessary, take countermeasures in good time and prevent delays.

  • Interdisciplinary & interdepartmental teamwork

    In mechanical engineering, cross-functional and cross-departmental collaboration is required. This can be challenging at the beginning if individual team members or departments are not attuned to each other or do not communicate as closely.

    With InLoox, you can optimize collaboration. Intelligent task management makes endless coordination loops a thing of the past. Responsibilities and deadlines are clearly defined so that all team members know at all times who has to do what and by when.
    Integrated communication and documentation creates transparency. Collect everything important centrally in a task, link documents, and leave comments for your project members. This way you always have all relevant information and updates in one place.

Mayer & Cie. GmbH & Co. KG

Case Study

“We have vastly improved our adherence to deadlines with InLoox.”

Zoran Raic, Head of Development & Engineering, Mayer & Cie. GmbH & Co. KG

Templates for manufacturing & engineering projects

Product development process

From market to feasibility analysis to concept development and preparation for serial production: this InLoox planning template guides you through the steps in the development of new products.


Basic engineering plan

In engineering, strategic projects quickly take three to four years to develop. To ensure that you do not lose sight of the big picture, structure the process with this InLoox planning template.


Product Development with the Stage-Gate® Process

Planning template for the well-known process model that helps structure development projects and bring innovations to market more efficiently.


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