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Date Press Release
2024-05-06 How to master the daily email chaos
2024-03-21 InLoox 11.8 simplifies project work in Outlook
2024-01-23 Plan projects more efficiently and individually, organize, delegate, and present more vividly in InLoox 11.6
2023-11-21 Project management platform InLoox 11.5 heading towards project portfolio management
2023-09-27 Optimized resource management and AI-supported automated task management in InLoox 11.4
2023-06-04 Resource and project financial planning: Heading towards multi-project and product portfolio management
2023-04-04 Greater transparency improved workflow and easier communication in project teams
2023-02-09 Easier workflows and purposefully informed with InLoox 11.1
2023-01-26 InLoox kicks off 2023 with new strategy
2022-11-22 Implement projects faster, more flexibly, and scale as needed with InLoox 11
2022-07-26 InLoox Presents Best Practice for Project Management in the Maritime Industry
2021-11-23 InLoox publishes company brochure on the occasion of its anniversary
2021-10-19 Anniversary eBook: Collection of use cases from project management
2021-09-29 Promotional offer from October 1 to December 31 during the company's anniversary year 2021
2018-12-13 InLoox looks back on a successful business year
2018-09-18 New InLoox partner program to grow into an ecosystem
2018-08-23 InLoox Partner Day 2018 - How Partners work with InLoox
2018-08-07 InLoox in the Top 20 of User-Friendly Project Management Solutions
2018-07-16 InLoox moves its headquarters into new business premises in Munich
2017-08-01 InLoox: Results after One Year of Channel Business
2017-05-18 InLoox as Main Sponsor of the spm Frühjahrstagung in Zurich, Switzerland
2017-05-16 Exclusive Office Opening Event in Stans, Switzerland
2017-05-04 Authorized, Bronze, Silver and Gold - InLoox introduces Partner Program
2017-04-13 InLoox is sponsor of the PM Welt 2017 in Munich
2017-03-14 InLoox now! - Content Pack for Microsoft Power BI now available
2017-02-27 InLoox at the Non-Profit-Day 2017 in Berlin
2017-02-21 InLoox now! - SaaS-Project Management Software Solution is now hosted in the Microsoft Cloud Germany
2017-02-10 Project Management: Software Manufacturer InLoox Expands in Switzerland
2016-11-09 InLoox Achieves a Microsoft Gold Application Development Competency
2016-07-19 Distributor SOS Software Adds InLoox to Its Portfolio
2016-03-03 InLoox introduces next generation of collaborative project management solutions
2015-05-21 WMF chooses InLoox Project Management Software
2015-03-30 InLoox Survey Discovers Lack of Appreciation is Major Catalyst for Employee Stress
2015-01-28 Project Management Software: User-Friendliness is the Top Selection Criteria
2014-11-25 InLoox now! — Faster Than Ever
2014-11-12 InLoox PM 8.2 is now available
2014-10-14 PM Software Study: Project Management - The Competitive Advantage of the Future
2014-09-23 InLoox PM 8 for Outlook - Combining Agile and Classic Project Management
2013-08-22 InLoox project management software is now available at Bechtle
2013-08-06 InLoox Customer Survey
2013-07-16 Project management goes mobile
2013-04-25 Berlitz becomes InLoox’ 2,500th customer
2013-03-06 InLoox PM 7.6 for Outlook is compatible with Windows 8
2013-02-19 Project management integrated into Outlook – and now also in the Cloud
2012-09-26 InLoox project management software is now available in the Cloud
2012-09-26 InLoox presents a new version of its online project management software
2012-03-15 InLoox PM 7.1 is available
2012-03-06 InLoox welcomes Internorm as its 2,000th customer
2012-02-28 Project management software InLoox PM is now available as an IT donation on
2012-01-11 TU Darmstadt chooses InLoox for project management
2011-12-14 InLoox releases InLoox PM 7.0.4
2011-11-17 Project management of the next generation with InLoox PM 7
2011-09-22 InLoox focuses on customer service
2011-04-06 Software made in Germany
2011-03-16 InLoox, Inc. founded in the United States
2011-03-09 New possibilities in project management with InLoox 6.7
2011-03-02 97 percent of the customers would recommend the project software InLoox
2011-01-19 Ruhr-University Bochum becomes new partner of the InLoox Academic Alliance
2010-12-24 InLoox on Christmas vacation
2010-12-16 New free InLoox Service Hotline for USA and Canada
2010-12-01 InLoox Web App now available
2010-11-25 New licensing model for the InLoox product line
2010-11-18 InLoox with product update and new Named-User-Licensing
2010-11-10 InLoox: „TV-campaign a great success"
2010-10-13 InLoox celebrates its 1300th customer
2010-10-06 InLoox opens Branch in San Francisco
2010-09-29  InLoox 6.5.2 is available
2010-08-04 InLoox 6.5 is available
2010-07-07 Outlook-Software Supplier InLoox increases consulting capability
2010-06-29 Project management software InLoox has received best mark from Business&IT
2010-06-23 Release of InLoox 6.0.4
2010-06-16 New name: software producer IQ medialab becomes InLoox
2010-06-02 IQ medialab earns certified partner status in Microsoft Partner Program
2010-05-05 Release of InLoox 6.0.3
2010-04-28 Fraunhofer Institute plans projects with InLoox
2010-04-14 InLoox is Compatible with Windows 7
2010-02-20 SOS Children's Village in Munich is the thousandth customer of InLoox (German)
2010-01-27 Release of InLoox 6 - project management is redefined (German)
2009-11-25 IQ medialab celebrates its 10-years anniversary (German)
2009-08-19 Polytechnic University of Valencia becomes the first international partner of the IQ medialab Academic Alliance (German)
2009-03-18 New Academic Alliance: University of Applied Sciences Giessen Friedberg first to join IQ medialab Academic Alliance (German)
2009-02-17 Hospitals of Esslingen County choose InLoox for enterprise project management
2009-02-05 Six hints how to easily reduce project costs (German)
2008-11-25 IQ medialab establishes training center (German)
2008-10-28 Monitor your available project resources with InLoox 5.6 (German)
2007-10-08 InLoox 5, the integrated project management software in Microsoft Outlook (German)