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Munich, September 18, 2018 - InLoox has launched a new program to accelerate growth with its partner companies in the future and to better meet the demand for professional project management solutions. The aim of the InLoox partner program is to use the know-how of existing and new partners to build an ecosystem that offers customers added value and creates additional business opportunities for sales partners. The ecosystem is designed with the customer's wishes in mind: they not only want to purchase licenses but also require consulting and support services for project management software as well as training, implementation and integration of the software into their IT landscapes. Accordingly, the InLoox partner program is divided into four categories: In addition to the InLoox Authorized Reseller, the partners can also register as InLoox Value-Add-Partners (VAP) for training, implementation or integration.

"We are looking for partners with whom we can continuously achieve rapid and solid business growth by consistently expanding existing product and service portfolios," says Michael Louis, Head of Sales and Business Development at InLoox, who developed the partner program. "In addition to our Authorized Reseller certificate, partners will be able to acquire additional InLoox know-how as a Value-Add Partners (VAP) by obtaining certification as a VAP Training, VAP Implementation or VAP Integration."

InLoox Authorized Reseller

Authorized Resellers are partner companies that sell InLoox project management solutions. They are responsible for the complete sales process of the solution and also offer their customers first level support. Authorized Resellers are supported by InLoox through numerous marketing activities or campaigns. In addition, they receive training, can use the support hotline free of charge and have free access to the InLoox Partner Portal. In return, the InLoox solutions must be listed on their website or in their shop and partners need to provide an InLoox expert for first level support.

The three competences an InLoox Value-Add-Partner can possess

In general, partner companies can develop several different InLoox competencies. By being certified as a Value-Add-Partner, they can expand their portfolio around InLoox, intensify customer loyalty and increase sales.

InLoox VAP Training

A Value-Add-Partner Training offers InLoox training courses for the individual needs of their customers, either at the customers' premises or on their own premises. In practice, InLoox customers ask for training units such as the introductory training for InLoox, for example. There is also help with the creation of dashboards and reports.

InLoox VAP Implementation

Value-Add-Partners Implementation support users during the implementation of InLoox and adapt the software to the respective needs of the company. To do this, they should have the necessary knowledge about operational processes in the respective company and industry. "Whoever introduces project management software should know the rules of the game of InLoox as well as the company's processes," says Michael Louis. "We therefore expect an InLoox VAPs Implementation to be able to conduct workshops with customers, develop the necessary processes with users and set up the solution. This shows that a Value-Add-Partner Implementation must have acquired profound InLoox know-how to properly implement it".

InLoox VAP Integration

The open database system of InLoox makes it possible to communicate with other database systems. Value-Add-Partners Integration need to have development know-how and thus develop interfaces between InLoox and, for example, DMS, ERP or CRM systems. "We provide the API free of charge," says Louis.  "It is important for InLoox VAPs Integration that they can manage projects and processes to establish bidirectional communication between the systems."

Establishing an Ecosystem

The growth prospects for the partners are not least due to the fact that InLoox has developed into a well-known brand according to Louis. "On the one hand, we know that a targeted search is being made for a project management solution integrated into Outlook and not just for project management software. The Outlook integration is the unique selling point of InLoox. On the other hand, brand awareness among users is also evident in the search for personnel. For example, we frequently find that companies explicitly look for employees with InLoox knowledge in job descriptions," says Louis.

About InLoox:

InLoox was founded in 1999 and develops project management solutions integrated in Microsoft Outlook that simplify and accelerate business processes. The convenient Outlook integration makes InLoox the central platform for project and day-to-day business. Its ease of use makes every-day work easier and project managers, teams and decision-makers can rely on InLoox's powerful planning, controlling and monitoring functions - on the desktop, on the Web and on their smartphones.

More than 60,000 users in over 65 countries trust InLoox. InLoox customers include AVIS, CHRIST Wash Systems, German Red Cross, LIEBHERR, Novartis, Pentax Europe, STOROpack, SEAT, Siemens, US Airways, Verizon and many more. InLoox is based in Munich, Germany and has offices in San Francisco, USA and Stans, Switzerland.