InLoox in the Top 20 of User-Friendly Project Management Solutions

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Munich, August 7, 2018 – Capterra tested the project management software InLoox as part of its software tests. The solution convinced the testers and InLoox has made it into the top 20 of Capterra’s list of the most user-friendly PM software.

Capterra has tested the InLoox software in the areas of usability, customer service and user reviews. The usability of the software was reviewed by measuring the average time and the average number of clicks it took users to perform certain tasks. To determine the usability, Capterra carried out a so-called SUS test (System Usability Scale Test). This test consists of a questionnaire that assessed the perceived user-friendliness of the solution. Specifically, it was about how easy it is to create a new project, add team members, specific tasks, documents or notes, and how the status of the project can be changed after completion. The evaluation criteria for customer service was how well users can set up and operate a software solution, i.e. the number of configuration, training and support options offered by InLoox. In addition, Capterra has also taken into account the number of reviews submitted in terms of user-friendliness and customer service.

Inloox scored the highest score in the reviews section with 19 out of 20 possible points. In Customer Service (where the categories implementation, training and support were included in the evaluation) InLoox scored 24 out of 30 possible points. Overall, the solution scored 74 out of 100 points, putting it in 20th place among the "most user-friendly project management solutions".

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About InLoox:

InLoox was founded in 1999 and develops project management solutions integrated in Microsoft Outlook that simplify and accelerate business processes. The convenient Outlook integration makes InLoox the central platform for project and day-to-day business. Its ease of use makes every-day work easier and project managers, teams and decision-makers can rely on InLoox's powerful planning, controlling and monitoring functions - on the desktop, on the Web and on their smartphones.

More than 60,000 users in over 65 countries trust InLoox. InLoox customers include AVIS, CHRIST Wash Systems, German Red Cross, LIEBHERR, Novartis, Pentax Europe, STOROpack, SEAT, Siemens, US Airways, Verizon and many more. InLoox is based in Munich, Germany and has offices in San Francisco, USA and Stans, Switzerland.