InLoox Presents Best Practice for Project Management in the Maritime Industry

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SMM Hamburg 2022: Projectmanagement Expertise for the Maritime Industry

Hamburg/Munich, July 26, 2022 – The engineering services provider AviComp Controls is regarded as an experienced specialist in the controlling and instrumentation of rotating machinery. The expertise of the specialist is also in high demand by the maritime industry. Now, the engineering service provider, which introduced the project management software InLoox at several locations a year ago, reveals how it approached the project and the tangible benefits that have resulted.

For a long time, AviComp had had difficulty in maintaining an overview of its engineering projects, which were carried out at various locations worldwide. This made it challenging to control and track projects and to allocate resources efficiently. The introduction of a project management solution was expected not only to improve the management of the various largescale projects, but also to provide greater transparency in resource planning.

By implementing InLoox company-wide, AviComp gained a new level of project overview, resource planning and efficiency. The cloud-based solution is used by a total of 100 employees. The fact alone that all data and information is centralized in InLoox significantly increases traceability. Since the employees can always access the various projects, know the priorities and the respective project status, many questions become superfluous. Thanks to regular coordination and the new transparency in resource planning, AviComp Controls now finds it easier to staff and coordinate its engineering teams. In addition, staff overload and misunderstandings in communication have been demonstrably reduced.

This approach is also applicable for companies and service providers in the maritime industry. Visitors of SMM Hamburg 2022 and other interested parties can view AviComp's full case study on the InLoox website: Best Practice Example InLoox Case Study | AviComp Controls

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