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Leading provider of Outlook-integrated project management software releases new version, combining agile and classic project management methods.

San Francisco, September 23, 2014 – InLoox launched a new version of its project management software that serves the needs of both agile teams for swift task management and multi-project management in large corporations. The latest software release brings a new set of features that goes beyond classic project management, allowing increased productivity in team collaboration and facilitated coordination of cross-functional teams, easier team communication, better visibility into work progress and enhanced control over complex work. Like the forerunners, InLoox PM 8 for Outlook integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Outlook.

InLoox PM 8 for Outlook - Project Management Software Perfectly Integrated with Microsoft Outlook

San Francisco-based software company InLoox refined its flagship product largely based on customer input, consistently tailoring the software to the daily challenges of project management praxis. The latest software version meets the needs of project managers both of large corporations as well as those working in small and agile teams.

More flexibility for agile teams

InLoox PM 8 is the first version to offer task management with Kanban boards – a virtual task board – that can be adjusted to the specific project needs in one click. Everybody on the project team gets an overview of the task backlog, currently processed tasks as well as all completed project tasks. With the task management feature, small-scale and agile projects can be organized without a timed project plan. If a timed project plan should be necessary after all, work package can be added to the Gantt planner simply via drag and drop. Task status and resource assignments are maintained, allowing users to work with agile or classic project management methods alone as well as combining them.

Moreover, a new list view allows teams to create freely configurable check lists that can be linked with other project elements, such as work packages and documents.

Overview in large project landscapes

Large corporations face the challenges of maintaining an overview of large-scale project landscapes. With the new custom dashboards, project managers can analyze real-time project data according to any criteria and key figure. Project managers can, for example, easily compare a project’s planned and actual progress. The dashboards can combine various data sources, even external ones like information from a controlling system.

The new project group option accommodates the needs of larger companies. Project plans of interdependent projects can be linked, allowing project managers to identify cross-project dependencies at a glance. This way, several sub-projects accrue to one consistent overall project plan. With the snapshot feature, project planners can save the project plan’s status at any point in time for future reference. If necessary, the project plan can be restored to a previously snapshotted status. The approval workflow ensures that project managers can keep track of their project portfolio and increases team members’ planning security.

Improved user interface

A multitude of improvements make managing projects with InLoox PM 8 for Outlook even more efficient and comfortable. Especially with the numerous customization options, the software can be adjusted to meet very specific project needs. The new full-text search and context related side panels ensure a greater usability and better overview. New options in InLoox PM 8 for Outlook enhance the mind mapping feature: Users can import MindManager files, freely arrange mind map nodes and create work packages from them.

A solution for teams of any scale

„InLoox PM 8 follows our motto ‚project management for everyone‘“, explains Dr. Andreas Tremel, CEO of InLoox GmbH. „With the new version, InLoox not only offers one solution that works for small project teams as well as large, cross-corporate project landscapes. The combination of various project management methods succeeds as well. Organizations that work with agile and classic Gantt planning methods at the same time profit all the more from this combination because InLoox PM pools all information in one platform. We consider the seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook a great plus“.

The new version includes more than 150 new features and improvements. A full-featured free trial version is available for download on the InLoox website.

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