InLoox + Power BI

In-depth analysis of project data for better-informed decisions

  • What is Power BI? Power BI is Microsoft's cloud-based reporting service for business intelligence and it's integrated with Microsoft 365. Power BI enables users to visualize, consolidate and analyze large amounts of data ("big data") to create meaningful charts, reports and dashboards. 
  • InLoox & Power BI: You can link InLoox with Power BI via the open API, so you can edit and visualize your InLoox data directly in the Power BI. You can easily create individual reports and dashboards for your InLoox projects, which enable you to identify trends in advance and make better decisions.

We are happy to consult you individually on your customized Power BI Connector!

Increase the value of your InLoox data and enable
data-based decisions

  • Targeted analyses: Analyze project data according to a wide range of criteria.
  • Combination: Merge InLoox data with other data sets and analyze them together in one data model.
  • Visualizing results: Create graphical charts and diagrams.
  • Powerful project reports: Create customized and insightful real-time reports, even with large amounts of data.
  • Easy handling: Quick & easy integration of InLoox data to Power BI.

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