InLoox + SharePoint Online

Document management and workflow possibilities

  • InLoox & SharePoint Online: InLoox has an interface to Microsoft SharePoint Online. InLoox users benefit from the document management and workflow possibilities offered by SharePoint Online. It accelerates the release process of project documents, simplifies collaboration in teams and between departments and ensures that all documents are always up-to-date.
  • For whom? Companies with cross-departmental projects, distributed teams, or temporary employees can benefit from InLoox in combination with Microsoft SharePoint Online. 

We are happy to consult you individually on the integration of Microsoft SharePoint Online in InLoox!

InLoox: Document storage in Microsoft SharePoint Online

Store documents in SharePoint and automatically create a folder structure

You determine the specifications according to which the InLoox project documents are stored on your SharePoint in a structured manner. You can also use rules to define which folders should always be created in certain projects. This allows you to create a clear folder structure and prevent a chaotic version structure and outdated documents.

  • Maximum security with your own company SharePoint path.
  • Individual rules for a clear document structure across your teams and company.
  • Automated creation and synchronization of folders in InLoox and SharePoint Online.

Document management with SharePoint

Project work and document management are inextricably linked. The integration of Microsoft SharePoint in InLoox offers many advantages for companies with cross-departmental projects, distributed teams or temporary employees.

  • Access and edit linked Office documents such as Excel, Word or PowerPoint in InLoox and always keep them up to date
  • Store document templates on SharePoint in InLoox
  • Connect established correction and approval workflows in SharePoint with InLoox workflows
Dokument aus InLoox Aufgabe in SharePoint öffnen

"From quotations to technical diagrams of the heat pump systems and photo documentation, everything is now stored centrally on our SharePoint server."

Lukas Kerschbaumer, Senior Project Manager, iDM Energiesysteme GmbH

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Further advantages of Microsoft SharePoint online integration in InLoox.

Mapping existing structures in InLoox

You can map your existing SharePoint folder structure with the individual rules in InLoox and keep it synchronized - for seamless document management.

All your documents up-to-date across all devices

Tablet, smartphone, laptop or external devices via VPN? No problem - all your project documents are securely accessible with Microsoft SharePoint integration and M365 authentication and can be updated anywhere at any time in real time.

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