Team Collaboration clear and productive

The daily challenges

  • In teams, there is much to be discussed and team communication and coordination are very time-consuming.
  • Many team members have the feeling that they spend most of their time in meetings, on the phone or answering e-mails.
  • It might happen that some employees suffer from information overload, whereas others miss information that is important for them.
  • Sometimes, there is only time for tasks that require concentration early in the morning or late at night.
Team communication is very time-consuming
With InLoox every team member ist up to date

Successful collaboration with InLoox

  • InLoox connects all team members without being in the same office. It combines all relevant dates, tasks, and documents on one central platform.
  • All information is real-time up to date.
  • Accomplished tasks are reflected immediately in the visual project overview. If changes are made to project elements, team members are notified automatically if they have activated the auto-notification mode.
  • With InLoox, all team members are always up to date and they have more time for the tasks that really matter.

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