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Efficient and productive

InLoox improves collaboration and teamwork.

With InLoox you improve collaboration within teams and between departments.

You communicate in the context of:

  • your projects and
  • tasks.
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Your workday is full of challenges

  • Time-consuming meetings and extensive coordination effort
  • Flood of information & difficulties in prioritizing
  • Meetings, telephone calls and e-mails are time wasters

In the process, some team members get overloaded with information, while others are not on the mailing list and miss important messages. The only time for tasks that require a high degree of concentration is only early in the morning or late in the evening.

Team communication is very time-consuming

InLoox is where your work is:
Directly in Microsoft Outlook

Try InLoox and get your ToDo list under control again.

Get started for free

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With InLoox every team member ist up to date

Successful collaboration with InLoox

  • Tasks, information, documents in one place
  • Real-time data is always up to date
  • Project progress clearly visible to everyone

InLoox is the central platform for all team members, wherever they are located. Changes in tasks, projects or documents are traceable and everyone can be notified if desired. So everybody is always up to date and has time for the actual project work.

More than 60,000 users trust InLoox

Porträt Laurent Brückner

"It is good to be able to realize a high project volume with a small number of employees. This is a positive effect, which I clearly attribute to this project management tool."

Laurent Brueckner, CEO & Founder of Brueckner Architekten

Porträt Rüdiger Rudershausen

"From the first day, InLoox supports project teams in all of their projects. Everyone got along very well with the software from the start. We were able to adapt the software perfectly to our company and to gain project transparency."

Ruediger Rudershausen, Head of Project Management, LK AG


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