The InLoox FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions


1. What features can you test during the trial and what happens after the trial period?

2. What is the difference between InLoox PM an InLoox now?

3. Can I test InLoox together with my team?

4. How much does InLoox cost?

5. Why should I choose InLoox?

6. How long does it take to implement InLoox?

7. Are trainings really necessary and how intensive is the training?

8. Can the customer or InLoox customize the software?

9. If you have already watched some video tutorials, is a product demo still useful?

10. How can I delete an InLoox account?

1. What features can you test during the trial and what happens after the trial period?

You can test InLoox 30 days free of charge and without obligation. You can test InLoox to its full functionality - there are no restrictions and you can test every feature. You can test InLoox alone or with four other people (up to 5 people in total). You can test both InLoox PM (on-premise solution) and InLoox now! (SaaS solution). A migration from InLoox PM to InLoox now! or vice versa is possible at any time.

If want to carry on using InLoox after the trial period, you can transfer all project data to your productive account - so you can continue working on your projects without interruption. If you no longer want to use InLoox, you do not have to do anything, the trial ends automatically and the account including all data will be automatically deleted after 45 days of inactivity.

2. What is the difference between InLoox PM an InLoox now?

InLoox PM is the on-premise solution from InLoox. With InLoox PM you have one-time licensing costs. With InLoox PM, you have full control over your project data, as it is completely stored on your company's internal server. InLoox supports Microsoft SQL as database server. With InLoox PM you can use all InLoox products:

You can use the products independently of each other or in combination with each other. Your project data is synchronized across all products, so you can access your projects anytime, anywhere.

InLoox now! is the turnkey SaaS solution. Licensing is based on a flexible rental model: you can take out a monthly or annual subscription. The monthly subscription enables you to scale InLoox from month to month according to your needs. With InLoox now! your data is stored with InLoox. All project data is stored in Germany and is therefore subject to German law and data protection regulations. The data centers are located in Frankfurt am Main and Berlin (see Trust Center).

You can use the entire product range with InLoox now!: 

InLoox now! also allows you to use all products independently of each other or in combination with each other.

*Requirement: InLoox PM Enterprise Server license
**Requirement: InLoox PM Enterprise Server and InLoox PM Universal User license
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3. Can I test InLoox together with my team?

You can test InLoox alone or as a team. The trial version allows a total of 5 people to test InLoox together, i.e. work on projects together. With InLoox now! you can simply invite four more team members to the test account after registration. With InLoox PM you can install the Outlook add-in for four additional people after the database installation.

4. How much does InLoox cost?

InLoox PM: You always purchase the latest version of InLoox at a one-time price.

InLoox now!: You can rent InLoox on the basis of a 1-month subscription or a 12-month subscription. InLoox now! is available in 2 versions: The Professional and Enterprise solution.

InLoox price list

5. Why chose InLoox?

  • Full Outlook integration: You don't have to open any software other than Outlook to work on your projects.
  • No more tool chaos: You don't have to constantly switch between different tools, so there's no media disruption.
  • High user acceptance and intuitive handling: InLoox is seamlessly integrated into the Outlook user interface so that users find themselves in a familiar environment. InLoox is immediately ready for use and the learning curve is very steep.
  • Interaction between InLoox & Outlook: You can easily synchronize information between InLoox and Outlook. For example, if you use Microsoft Exchange, you can easily use your Exchange contacts for InLoox projects. You don't have to configure or manually transfer anything, your contacts are available in InLoox by default.
  • For everyone in your organization: InLoox is not just a planning tool for project managers or the c-level, but also for all other team members. Employees can manage their daily tasks independently of the project work.
  • Full functionality: InLoox covers the entire project life cycle: Idea generation with mind maps, task planning with the Kanban board, resource management with the workload view, project planning with the Gantt chart, project controlling with dashboards and many other features. Click here for a complete feature overview: InLoox features 
  • Agile, traditional and/or hybrid: You can plan projects however you like with InLoox and do not have to decide on a project management method.
  • Cross-platform: InLoox is available on all devices, which gives you a high degree of flexibility and mobility - your project data is always at hand.

6. How long does it take to implement InLoox?

This depends on a number of factors:

  • Number of users: With a team of five, the implementation (in most cases) is faster than implementing a software for 500 people.
  • Company size: The larger the company, the more likely it is that it will take longer to implement a new software.
  • Complexity of IT infrastructure: What is the dominant infrastructure? Are there Terminal Servers? What are the existing systems? The more complex the IT infrastructure, the longer the implementation will take, as you need to integrate InLoox into your existing systems. 
  • Complexity of processes: Regardless of the size of the company, the complexity of the processes can vary greatly. Are there predefined processes that have to be implemented with the project management software? For example, do project applications have to be submitted? Who greenlights new projects? Depending on the complexity of your existing processes, it will take more or less time to implement InLoox. 
  • Project management maturity: What is the status of project management in the company? How much background knowledge is there? How have projects been handled so far? With pen and paper or with Excel or another PM tool? The higher the project management maturity, the quicker can you get started with InLoox. 

You can often determine in the first few days of using a software whether a it is suitable for your company or not. In our experience, implementation usually starts directly during the 30-day trial period. Our recommendation is that you immediately work productively (i.e. plan real projects) with InLoox during the trial period. This includes, for example, that you define role and user permissions and develop specific rules for working with the tool.

The trial version is fully functional, which means that you can continue working after the trial without having to re-install everything. This allows you to shorten the implementation period somewhat. 

7. Are training courses really necessary and how intensive is the training?

Whether training courses are necessary or not also depends on several factors:

  • Number of users
  • Company size
  • Complexity of projects/processes: If you have rather simple processes without many dependencies and only very simple project plans, then training is not really necessary. If you need to recreate complex existing processes and have projects with a lot of dependencies, an individual training course can be advantageous then, as it will help you work with the software as efficiently and effectively as possible. 
  • Project management knowledge: The higher the project management maturity level in your company, the lower is the need for training. Instead of booking a one-day face-to-face training, we would recommend individual online training courses that can be booked by the hour when needed. 

Training courses can be booked at any time, during or after the implementation. Here are the different training courses: 

  • Training at our training center in Munich: Visit us at our headquarters in Munich, Germany, for a one-day training course.
  • Training at your own offices: Our trainer will visit you at your offices and the training will take place at your own premises. 
  • Online trainings: You can book online trainings by the hour, e.g. if you have specific questions on how to use InLoox. 

Current training course prices: InLoox price list (PDF)

Booking a training course is not necessary in every case, but can be advantageous in most cases. If you decide to book a training course, we recommend for smaller companies that everyone in the team takes part in a one-day training. This ensures that everyone has the same level of knowledge. For larger companies and teams, not all users have to attend a training course. Here it is sufficient that the key users (e.g. project managers) participate and then pass on the knowledge to their team.

8. Can the customer or InLoox customize the software?

InLoox is a standard solution, so e.g. the user interface cannot be customized, but other customizations are possible thanks to the open InLoox API.

Customizations that customers can make themselves:

  • Customizing options: Customize fields and define your own fields, customize status, customize categories, etc.
  • Programming of interfaces: InLoox provides an open SQL database and API so that you or your IT service provider can easily program an interface between InLoox and your existing systems (e.g. SAP, ERP, CRM etc.).

Learn more about the InLoox integrations

9. If you have already watched some video tutorials, is a product demo still useful?

Video tutorials are a great way to get to know InLoox and its features. But an individual product demo has the advantage that you can clarify questions directly that go beyond the video tutorials or the online help. Your InLoox contact person will be more than happy to answer all your questions. 

10. How can I delete an InLoox account?

InLoox accounts, including all data, will be automatically deleted after 45 days of inactivity.