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Author: Lena Schmidt  | Last updated: Tuesday, February 20, 2024  | Reading time: 7 min.

Project management software uses various methods such as Gantt, Kanban, etc. to help you structure your work and increase both efficiency and productivity. In today's digital era, most tools are web-based, which offers a number of advantages. Despite these advantages, the huge range of online project management software makes it almost impossible to choose the right provider. Find out which points speak for the choice of a web-based project management solution and what you should pay particular attention to in the selection process.


The 5 most important advantages of project management online

Web-based project management tools have several important advantages:

1. Device independence

Access the online project platform from any device with an internet connection. Simply log in on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC and manage your projects conveniently online.

2. Compatibility with any operating system

Regardless of whether you use Windows or Mac. Online project management tools are accessible with all common browsers and can therefore be combined with any operating system.

3. Flexible working on the go

With centralized online software, your project data is available everywhere, whether on site at the customer's premises, on a business trip or in your home office. This means you can collaborate with your team in a virtual space and access your projects anytime, anywhere.

4. One central platform for project data

Web-based project management tools provide you and your team with a central point of contact for projects, tasks, project planning, documents and all other information that is relevant for successful project completion, accessible at any time.

5. Easy integration of external employees & partners

Powerful online project management software makes it easy for you to integrate external project partners, freelancers or mobile team members into projects.


Choosing the right online project management software

The market for web-based project management tools is large and it is not easy to decide on a provider. During the selection process, it is particularly important to define the requirements for the online solution and the needs of your team. Only then does it make sense to start looking for the right web-based project tool. In addition, we have briefly summarized below the other points you should pay attention to:

Data security

The majority of online project management tools are now offered as a cloud version. This means that the software provider hosts the project data for you and you "rent" or "subscribe" to the software for a certain period of time. This type of software license is also known as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). One of the advantages of this is that you do not have to incur high installation costs and your company does not have to operate its own server. For this very reason, you should pay attention to the security of your project data when choosing a software provider so that the statutory data protection regulations are complied with and your data is processed confidentially and in compliance with the GDPR. Ideally, you should opt for an online solution that hosts your data in data centers within Germany. This means that these data centers and the protection of your sensitive data are subject to German law.

Synchronization of project data

To ensure that every team member knows at all times what their colleagues are working on, who is responsible for what and what the status of these tasks is, all project data should be automatically synchronized via a central database. This is the only way to ensure that your project and your teams are always up to date.

You can find a guide to choosing the right project management software here: How to find the best project management software? In this article, you will find a comparison of different project management tools and also learn why completely free project management tools are usually not sufficient.


Online project management made easy: how it works with InLoox Web App

With the help of InLoox Web App, you can coordinate projects and tasks easily and conveniently on the web. The web-based project management tool from InLoox supports you with the important project management functions in an intuitive user interface so that you can work more productively in your day-to-day work and successfully complete your projects at the same time.

The key features in online project management:

1. Intuitive project planning

Use Gantt charts for agile or classic planning to get a comprehensive overview of all project phases. Efficiently monitor the progress and dependencies of your project tasks and activities and flexibly adapt the project schedule to changes.

Construction planning in Gantt chart in InLoox Web App

2. Efficient task management for teams

Manage personal and project-related tasks effortlessly with a detailed task list and the dynamic Kanban board. Every team member knows the status, deadline and responsibilities of each task. This facilitates team collaboration and cooperation and promotes transparency in all project phases for optimized project execution.

Kanban board of a construction project in InLoox Web App

3. Realistic resource management

The realistic resource overview takes into account individual working time calendars, project workloads and Outlook appointments. This allows you to optimally plan, control and monitor the utilization of your teams. Effective capacity planning allows you to increase efficiency in the long term, reduce costs and optimize project performance.

Resource overview & workload

4. Integrated document management

Store all relevant project documents and information directly and centrally on your project platform on the web or connect SharePoint Online.

Zentrales Dokumentenmanagement mit InLoox

5. Reliable project time tracking

Track precise working hours for ongoing projects and benefit from seamless documentation and invoicing. Use the stopwatch for tasks, for example, or book your Outlook appointments to projects.

Kalendereinträge per Drag and Drop auf Projekte verbuchen

6. Meaningful project controlling

InLoox's ready-made standard dashboards give you an overview of the status and progress of all ongoing projects. Evaluate all important key figures online, make data-based decisions and carry out forecasting.

Controlling & Reportings in InLoox Web App mithilfe von Dashboards

This is just an excerpt of some of the functionalities. Here you can find an overview of all InLoox solutions and features »


Integration with Microsoft 365, Outlook & more

An online project management platform becomes really useful when you can connect it to other programs and tap into synergies. By seamlessly integrating your online project management solution with key programs such as SharePoint, Outlook and Power BI, you can maximize the benefits and fully exploit the added value of your data.

InLoox is specifically designed for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Office, enabling an efficient connection with your Outlook account. For example, you can book Outlook appointments directly on projects as time tracking or save emails in projects, reducing duplicates and centralizing all relevant information.

E-Mails & Anhänge in InLoox Web App abspeichern

In addition, InLoox offers integrations with Power BI for in-depth data analysis and Power Automate for workflow automation. This underlines the flexibility and efficiency of InLoox as one of the most powerful online project management tools. These are just a few examples - read all about the InLoox integrations.


Availability in cloud & on-premise

InLoox Web App offers several editions at different prices for your online project management. You can use InLoox Enterprise and InLoox Professional in our rental model (SaaS) as a turnkey service in the cloud:

  • No software installation is required here and you can get started straight away.
  • We will host your project data for you.
  • The data is hosted via our data centers located in Germany, which are subject to German law. This and other measures ensure the security of your data.

In addition, the online project management software is also available in our on-premise version InLoox On-Prem. This means that a local installation on your hardware is also possible.


Future-proof and established technology

With the InLoox project management tool, you can rely on future-proof technology:

  • Always up to date: we provide you with updates and upgrades automatically throughout the entire contract period. This means you benefit directly from new features and improvements.
  • Low maintenance costs: With InLoox, your project infrastructure is always up to date.

The online project software InLoox Web App is tailored to the practice and day-to-day work of project teams, project managers and executives and is constantly being further developed based on the suggestions of our customers. The Munich-based company InLoox has been an expert on the market for over 20 years and is constantly adapting to the requirements of modern project management. More than 6,000 customers and 60,000 users on five continents and in over 60 countries worldwide rely on InLoox in all phases of their projects. In Germany, InLoox has already established itself as project management software for 20 percent of DAX-listed companies. Our customers include companies of all sizes and from all industries.


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