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InLoox Referenzkunde: Laurent Brückner, Brückner Architekten

"With InLoox we are able to present a clearly structured comprehensive project plan to our clients."

Laurent Brückner, CEO & Founder of Brückner Architekten

Portrait: Denis Winkler ©AviComp Controls

"InLoox makes our everyday work easier and we can save time with the resource allocation."

Denis Winkler, Team Lead Project Management, AviComp Controls

Rügenwalder Spezialitäten Plüntsch GmbH & Co. KG

"InLoox is the ideal add-on for Microsoft Outlook. It improves internal communication, makes teamwork a lot easier and team meetings have become more efficient. At the end of the day, we can leave the office knowing that all the projects and tasks that occupied our minds are saved digitally in InLoox and are accessible for every team member. You can truly let go and enjoy the evening.”

Elmar Plüntsch, CEO | Rügenwalder Spezialitäten Plüntsch

Logo: myAbility Social Enterprise GmbH

"Since we have been using InLoox, I feel more secure as CEO because I have a better overview of ongoing projects and because I am always 'on track'. The integrated mindmapping feature is very special as it goes beyond the standard of a project management tool: It encourages creativity and is often used by me and my colleagues.“

Michael Aumann, CEO | myAbility Social Enterprise GmbH

Storopack Hans Reichenecker GmbH

"In the course of preparing our decision, we looked at a number of project management systems. Only one was integrated into Microsoft Outlook and no other was as simple to use. So our decision in favour of InLoox was made very easily.”

Volker Deiß, Quality Assurance Manager | Storopack Hans Reichenecker GmbH

Brückner Architekten

“We’re turning into real InLoox power users. I’m 100% convinced of the tool, even though I feel as if I’m only making use of about half of its possibilities.” 

Laurent Brückner, CEO | Brückner Architekten GmbH

Mayer & Cie. GmbH & Co. KG

“This is a noticeable benefit of InLoox: We produce according to due date instead of arbitrary priorities. We have vastly improved our adherence to deadlines with InLoox.”

Zoran Raic, Head of Development & Engineering | Mayer & Cie. GmbH & Co. KG

TechnoAlpin AG

“The software is really easy to integrate in our existing IT infrastructure. We are fully aware that at the moment, we are only using a fraction of the software’s potency. However, acceptance among our staff is so good that we will integrate InLoox PM 8 for Outlook throughout the company, continuing to learn as we adopt the software.”

Josef Dusini, Head of Contract Management | TechnoAlpin AG

Emons Spedition GmbH

"If we can manage our projects better, we can increase our competitiveness with InLoox“

Gunnar Stellmacher, Head of IT | Emons Spedition GmbH

Fraunhofer IWU Logo

“We have tested different products but after just a few days InLoox proved to be the right solution. We were convinced by the intuitive user interface of the software and its outstanding integration in Microsoft Outlook.” 

Sören Scheffler, Group Leader | Fraunhofer IWU

Ebnat AG

"The transparent visualization of the projects in InLoox has resulted in more planning reliability and peace of mind. This even helps with the overall management of the company and has positive effects on all areas."

Thomas Hilberer, Project Manager | ebnat AG

InLoox Caste Studies

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Internorm Logo

“No other product is that seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Outlook, lives up to all of our expectations and is that easy to handle.” 

Andreas Kronsteiner, Head of IT| Internorm International GmbH

Messe Pro Logo

"Because of a cramped schedule, the testing phase had to be kept very short. And yet we operation was up and running over night. I'd had to act quickly but I was willing to put my trust in InLoox." 

Jörg Becker, CEO | Messe-Pro Becker & Heinrich GmbH

Bechtle-Comsoft Logo

"Workforce planning and project management is easier to implement thanks to the workload display, reducing both, work overload for employees and waiting times for customers."

Stefan Arets, Senior SAM Consultant | Bechtle-Comsoft GmbH

eska Ingeniergesellschaft Logo

"InLoox is the right project management system for all our assignments, being flexible, straightforward and logical to operate. InLoox adjusts itself to the company's workflow, increasing the transparency and effectiveness of projects both by 60% and 20% compared to the past."

Joachim Boenisch, CEO | ESKA Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

EWE Logo

"In a project of this size, which is funded with taxpayers' money, the transparency and validity over the course of the project are enormous benefits. Only because we always reflect the current project status and act uniformly across companies can we communicate properly and build trust with the outside world." 

Project Manager, enera-project | EWE AG

Berlitz Logo

"The software means a very big added value for our project management team. We also appreciate the close and regular contact with the InLoox team, which responds extremely quickly to inquiries and requests on our part. This stands out very positively."

Florian Daniel, Director Information Technology Europe | Berlitz Deutschland GmbH

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Christ Elektronik GmbH

"We have managed to organize our demanding projects clearly and can access the information quickly and easily. InLoox thus enables us to plan and implement projects effectively in the growing market of customized touch panel computers."

Arthur Zerr, Head of Development | Christ Electronic Systems GmbH

SGM-SMIT Group Logo

"Internally, we adopted our business strategy last year, which will simplify and synchronize many kinds of processes and procedures in the company over the next four years. It was therefore necessary to adapt complex processes such as project management in particular to this business strategy."

Head of IT | SGB-SMIT Gruppe


"As with every software implementation in a large company, the employees reacted cautiously-skeptical at first. However, these reservations could be reduced because it is already evident how much InLoox has reduced the time required for schedule coordination. Previously, we spent a lot of effort to keep our projects on track in terms of deadlines despite the many dependencies."

Florian Hanrieder, Head of Digitization, Fendt Strategy Office | AGCO GmbH

OberAlp Group Logo

"The positive side effect of this "cold water approach" was that we were forced to make a clean cut. We avoided chaos in project communication and project documentation on two separate platforms from the very beginning."

Edwin Lehner, Technical Manager Bindings | oberAlp Group

Logo Medius Klinik Kirchheim

"When selecting the right solution for project management, it was very important to us that the software was easy to use. Elaborate trainings for the 300 users in the company would have been too time-consuming and costly."

Gerhard Bauer, Business Unit Manager IT/EDV/Organisation | medius KLINIK KIRCHHEIM