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Everything that our project management solutions offer at a glance

With InLoox you can plan and execute your projects the way that best fits your needs. Whether you prefer working with the Outlook integrated client or our online client, our project management software combines all relevant project management tasks in one central platform. Both InLoox for Outlook and InLoox Web App are extremely easy-to-use and empower you and your team with intuitive collaboration features. 

  • InLoox for Outlook - Kanban Board


    Organize tasks in a customizable virtual agile Kanban board. All team members see at a glance which tasks are pending, which are in progress and which are already done.

  • InLoox for Outlook - Planning

    Project planning with Gantt charts

    Inloox adapts to your project planning methods. Use it for simple projects but also to map complex projects with dependencies, constraints and different calendars. 

  • InLoox 10 for Outlook: InLoox seamlessly integrates into the Microsoft Outlook environment

    Outlook Synchronization

    InLoox for Outlook interlinks tasks, appointments, email and contacts in Microsoft Outlook directly with relevant project information. InLoox automatically synchronizes important information in the background. You can create an InLoox task, file and email and track your time from anywhere in Outlook. 

  • InLoox for Outlook - Dashboard


    Keep track of your project portfolio: Visual multi-project dashboards enable you to monitor expenses, returns und deadlines and other important project KPIs effortlessly.

  • InLoox for Outlook - Budget Overview

    Graphical budget overview

    A graphical representation of your planned and actual expenses and revenues of your project gives you an instant overview of your budget status. This allows you to identify budget deviations in advance & react on time.

  • InLoox Web App: Workplace


    Get an overview of your daily tasks, overdue tasks and whatever is happening in your projects. The project calendar helps you organize your day and prioritize your tasks.

  • InLoox Web App: Planning

    Project planning with Gantt charts

    Schedule activities, milestones and tasks with InLoox Web App online. Keep track of important upcoming project deadlines and tasks with our online Gantt chart. This enables makes planning and coordinating your projects more comfortable and also increases your project successes. 


  • InLoox Web App: Kanban


    Agile project management with InLoox Web App: Organize tasks in a customizable virtual Kanban board. All team members see at a glance which tasks are pending, which are in progress and which are already done.

  • InLoox Web App: Documents


    Store all important project documents in one place, perfectly organized in your InLoox document storage and access your documents anytime and from any device. Quickly upload images and files while working off-site and keep track of your project documents.

  • InLoox Web App: Dashboard


    Monitor important key data and developments online. InLoox shows you all important project KPIs at a glance, so you can identify budget overruns and missed deadlines in advance and react in time.

  • InLoox Mobile App: Tasks

    InLoox for iOS & Android

    Keep track of all your tasks and projects on the go with InLoox Mobile App for iOS and Android - even offline. Keep track of all your upcoming and overdue tasks and mark tasks as done on the go.

  • InLoox Mobile App: Documents

    InLoox for iOS and Android

    Upload documents and images from anywhere. Link documents and tasks with each other and make them available to your project team immediately. 

  • InLoox Mobile App for iOS and Android: Track your time from anywhere and assigne the tracked time to project tasks directly

    InLoox for iOS & Android 

    Track time from anywhere and assign tracked time directly to a project task.

Learn more about the features of InLoox for Outlook, Web App & Mobile App

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InLoox for Outlook

Combined management of projects, documents, resources, mind maps and budgets — perfectly integrated with Microsoft Outlook.

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InLoox Web App

The online project management software offers a virtual project and collaboration space for your team on the web.

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InLoox Mobile App

Projects, tasks, documents, time tracking - everything available on the go with InLoox Mobile App for iOS & Android.

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