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May 1, 2024

End of parallel operation of InLoox now! 10:

Every InLoox now! 10 account is migrated InLoox 11**!

The innovative project platform

We are excited to introduce the new InLoox. InLoox 11 is inspired by continuous improvement in close dialog with you, our customers and partners. Our goal is the greatest possible flexibility coupled with absolute reliability.

Advantages of InLoox 11:

  • A far more rapid innovation cycle: new features and enhancements can be deployed more swiftly.
  • Numerous new features and improvements, including departmental permissions, a dedicated Windows app, powerful dashboards and reports, more convenient data entry and much more.
  • Simplified access to projects, as every user now has each InLoox app.
  • Investment security through future-proof technology.

Check out the FAQs section for answers to frequently asked questions about the major release InLoox 11.

InLoox - The innovative project plattform for Outlook, web, Windows and smartphone

Each app for every user

Suitable functionalities for every project role

Today's work environments are hybrid, remote and dynamic. With InLoox 11, there is no longer the question of whether you access your project database via Outlook integration or the browser. Every user gets access to every InLoox app and chooses the ones that fit their daily work routine best.

NEW Use InLoox for Windows to access InLoox directly - ideal for those who work intensively with InLoox and need to have large amounts of data and project plans at their fingertips.

NEW InLoox Web App now shows project changes in real time. Collaborate on projects and bring globally dispersed teams together.

We are looking forward to showing you the InLoox apps and new features in a live product tour. Book your personal tour now!

The InLoox subscription

Simple, flexible and always up-to-date

Along with InLoox 11, we are introducing a new, simplified pricing model. Server and client licenses are replaced by subscriptions, which already include the software maintenance. For 10 years, this model has proved to be successful in the InLoox Cloud. It is particularly transparent and allows for a very simple roll-out of the requested licenses.

With the sales launch of InLoox 11 on October 31, 2022, all InLoox editions will be available by subscription.

Of course, all previously purchased licenses and software maintenance plans will remain valid. This way, you benefit from these innovations - and at a special price.

In the FAQs section, you will find answers to frequently asked questions about InLoox 11.


InLoox pricing & editions
InLoox - The innovative project plattform for Outlook, web, Windows and smartphone

FAQs InLoox 11

General Questions 

When will InLoox 11 be available?

The commercial roll-out was on October 31 2022.

What is changing with InLoox 11?

InLoox 11 is a revolutionary successor to InLoox 10. In addition to comprehensive changes regarding speed, robustness, infrastructure and innovation, InLoox 11 marks the beginning of the platform era with a subscription-based billing model for new customers and new orders.

Does InLoox 11 contain all the features of InLoox 10?

InLoox 11 has been developed from scratch and offers many new features. However, not all features of InLoox 10 have been ported to the new platform yet. The current implementation status of the features of InLoox 11 can be found in the document Product comparison.

Why is InLoox 11 only available as a subscription?

InLoox 11 was developed as a platform for all project members, managers and decision makers. Instead of comparatively long product cycles, we will offer you continuous innovation and improvement.

The new billing plan is very simple and reduces the complexity of the previous licensing model with its different server and user types. To secure your investment and to continuously benefit from innovations in all settings, you will receive every app and features, which are continuously updated and improved.

How does the licensing change?

Licensing is exclusively per user. Different client licenses (Web, Outlook, Universal) no longer exist. Server licenses are automatically included with InLoox 11.

The new work environment is remote, hybrid and dynamic: We want you to be able to use InLoox to its full extent in any setting, no matter where you are, what device you are using and what role you are playing in projects.

Which InLoox Apps are there?

  • InLoox for Outlook,
  • InLoox Web App,
  • InLoox for iOS COMING SOON,
  • InLoox for Android COMING SOON and
  • InLoox for Windows.

What is InLoox for Windows?

InLoox for Windows is a new app that every InLoox 11 user gets free of charge. This app offers functions on Windows computers without Outlook or alongside Outlook.

Do InLoox PM and InLoox now! still exist?

Yes, but with InLoox 11 we have simplified many things, including our product names. "InLoox now!" has simply become "InLoox". It is still possible to run the server on your own hardware: "InLoox On-Prem" is the new name of "InLoox PM".

What is InLoox On-Prem Server?

The InLoox Workgroup Server and the Enterprise Server are combined to "InLoox On-Prem Server" in version 11. This new server provides all services for the local operation of InLoox.

What happens to the InLoox single-user versions InLoox Personal and Personal Plus?

The demand for single-user versions with local data storage has been in sharp decline for years. At the same time, development for this type of software is very costly, because in single-user mode there is no server and thus no services available in the background.

For these reasons, we have decided to stop developing the single-user versions of InLoox and will focus on the development of the cloud and on-prem server versions of our products. Customers of the single-user version with a software service contract will have two migration options: InLoox Enterprise (cloud) or InLoox On-Prem (own server) for one (Personal) or two users (Personal Plus).

What happens with InLoox Starter Edition?

The free InLoox Starter Edition is still available in version 10.

If the functionalities of the Starter Edition no longer suffice for your everyday project work, you can switch to a paid InLoox 11 Edition. Please reach out to us, we are happy to help.

Questions for Customers with Software Maintenance Plan

We use InLoox PM 10, what happens to our licenses when upgrading to InLoox 11?

You retain your existing InLoox PM 10 licenses permanently and you can use them for both, InLoox PM 10 and InLoox 11.

The upgrade does not change the price for the software maintenance plan.

You will receive an InLoox 11 on-prem user for each user (Outlook, Web, Universal), with full access to all apps. With an existing software maintenance plan, you will continue to receive every new release of InLoox.

How does this affect the software maintenance plan?

For customers with only one software maintenance plan, nothing changes: Your software maintenance plan continues to provide access to future upgrades. The price also remains unchanged.

For customers with multiple software maintenance plans, we consolidate them automatically so that you only have one software maintenance plan with InLoox in the future. Consolidation does not require any action on your part. The effective date of the consolidation is calculated so that you do not have a financial disadvantage. The consolidation is of course free of charge.

We use InLoox PM 10 and would like to buy more licenses. What do we have to do?

For each new InLoox 11 on-prem user annual subscription purchased by December 31, 2023, you will receive a free, perpetual InLoox PM 10 Universal User license upon request. Please, contact us for an enquiry.

We use InLoox PM 10 and would like to migrate to InLoox 11 and the cloud. What do we need to do?

As part of the "Go-Cloud" promotion, we offer you an attractive deal to migrate. Your InLoox contact person will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

Questions for Customers without Software Maintenance Plan

We do not have a software maintenance plan, how do we get the update to InLoox 11?

Without a software maintenance plan, the only option is to order InLoox 11 anew. As an existing customer, your InLoox contact person will be happy to provide you with an upgrade offer. Please, contact us for an offer for your InLoox 11 upgrade.

We do not have a software maintenance plan and would like to purchase additional licenses for InLoox PM 10. Is this still possible?

For each new InLoox 11 on-prem user annual subscription purchased until December 31, 2023, you will receive a free, perpetual InLoox PM 10 Universal User license upon request. Please, contact us for an enquiry.

Questions Regarding Pricing

How much does InLoox 11 cost?

You can get the InLoox Professional Edition starting at 24,95$/user/month, billed annually upfront; it is also available as a monthly subsciption. For the InLoox Enterprise Edition and InLoox On-Prem Edition, please reach out to us for a quotation based on your needs. Further details on our pricing page.

Is there a free InLoox Edition for students?

Yes. If you are studying at a university, college or academy, you can use InLoox Enterprise for free as part of the ProjektCampus.

Is there a free InLoox Edition for educational institutions?

Yes, if you want to use InLoox for teaching in an educational institution, you can use InLoox Enterprise as part of the InLoox Academic Initiative.

Is there a discounted InLoox Edition for non-profit organizations?

Yes. InLoox has been working together with Stifter-helfen and TechSoup since 2011. If you are a non-profit organization registered there, you can use InLoox Enterprise for a processing fee.

Does InLoox offer trainings and how much are they?

We offer a comprehensive training program. You can book a training at your company on site, at InLoox in Munich or an online training.

You can find the training options with prices on our website.

Questions Regarding the Migration v10 to v11

Is our InLoox now! 10 account automatically updated to InLoox 11?

Not for the time being. However, for technical reasons, InLoox 11 will be rolled out to all users by 01.05.2024 at the latest. You may upgrade to InLoox 11 earlier, however, on your preferred date.

When upgrading to InLoox 11, all your data will be migrated automatically.

After the migration, a return to version 10 is no longer possible!

What do we have to do if we want to update from InLoox 10 to InLoox 11?

We are happy to assist you with the migration from InLoox 10 to InLoox 11. For this free consulting service, please contact your InLoox representative.

We are unsure whether we should update to InLoox 11, what can we do?

You can run a test of InLoox 11 in parallel with InLoox 10. Please note that in this case you are working with two different databases, i.e. data from the test run in InLoox 11 cannot be transferred back to InLoox 10.

We use InLoox PM 10 and have a software maintenance plan, but do not want to switch to InLoox 11. What happens to our licenses?

You can continue to use InLoox PM 10. However, no new features will be developed for InLoox PM 10. Warranty (support and bug fixes) will be provided according to the contract terms.

We use InLoox now! and do not want to update to InLoox 11. What happens to our account?

InLoox initially runs version 10 and 11 in parallel. Thus, customers can update at the date of their choice. However, the parallel operation is limited until May 01, 2024, because the economic and organizational effort for the operation and maintenance of two cloud platforms is considerable.

Until the migration, you can continue to work with InLoox now! 10. However, by May, 01, 2024 at the latest, all InLoox now! accounts will automatically be migrated to InLoox 11.

If you want to work with InLoox 10 permanently, a migration from the cloud to InLoox PM 10 is also a possible option. Please note the functional differences between InLoox now! and InLoox PM and the requirement that you then run your own InLoox PM Enterprise Server on your hardware.

What do we have to do if we want to migrate from InLoox PM 10 to the cloud?

In order to receive the best possible support during the migration to InLoox 11, please contact your InLoox representative. Together, you will plan the migration of your project data to the InLoox Cloud and carry it out together with the InLoox support. As part of the "Go Cloud" promotion, we offer you an attractive deal.

Questions Regarding the Systems Requirements

Why is an application server needed for InLoox 11 On-Prem? 

Version 11 marks the transition to the platform for InLoox. This means that you can access your project data with every InLoox App (InLoox for Outlook, InLoox Web, InLoox for Windows, InLoox for iOS, InLoox for Android). For this to work smoothly, a central server that not only holds data but can also control business processes, send messages and provide interfaces is also necessary for InLoox On-Prem. 


Why is an SSL certificate necessary for the InLoox On-Prem server? 

Project data is sensitive, company-relevant and includes personal data, so data security is a top priority for InLoox. With InLoox On-Prem, we want to contribute to the protection of this data in the best possible way. 

Even if data is "only" made available in the corporate network, increased security and compliance requirements, hacker attacks and usage scenarios (such as home office) demand a security level that is aligned with modern best practices. This includes the encryption of network traffic to and from the server. A state-of-the-art certificate is required for this. 

*If you upgrade to InLoox 11, you benefit from the 1+1 free promotion: for every new InLoox 11 On-Prem User annual subscription purchased until 12/31/2023, you will receive a free, unlimited InLoox PM 10 Universal User license upon request.

The 1+1 free promotion is valid from 10/31/2022 until 12/31/2023. The free, unlimited InLoox PM 10 Universal User license is an add-on. It cannot be placed under an active InLoox PM Maintenance Plan.