Professional Projectmanagement structured and precise

The daily challenges

  • Apart from daily tasks, emails, and meetings you also need to have a good grasp of the bigger picture.
  • Keeping your Excel-lists up to date is timeconsuming and manually adjusting project plans often leads to miscalculations.
  • Coordinating your staff, teams, contractors, service providers, and freelancers is mostly inefficient and chaotic.
  • All this more often than not leads to delays, cost explosions, and inadequate project results.
Improve professional project management
Project success with InLoox

Reach all your project goals with InLoox

  • InLoox combines your daily work with your project work on one central platform directly in Outlook or the web.
  • You are flexible in your project planning by either following the traditional Gantt-chart method with critical path, or working agile with Kanban boards. Either way, real-time project data processing automatically shows you the actual status of your projects.
  • Allocating resources to tasks and the display of the individual workload of your project teams makes your workload management efficient and transparent.
  • Precise planning, accurate resource and workload management, budget and time management, and detailed reports make it a lot easier for you and your team to successfully reach your project goals.

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