InLoox now! - SaaS-Project Management Software Solution is now hosted in the Microsoft Cloud Germany

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Munich, February 21, 2017 – The German project management software solutions provider InLoox has moved its SaaS-platform InLoox now! into the Microsoft Cloud Germany. All customer data and required supporting systems are now hosted in German data centers located in Frankfurt-on-Main and Magdeburg. 

Since February 11th, InLoox now! has been hosted in the German cloud. As an early adopter, InLoox is meeting the requirements of many customers in terms of compliance, data hosting and data sovereignty. This is especially true for sectors like public and governmental services or regulated branches. In terms of hosting, the strictest EU data protection requirements and certifications are met and physical and logical access to data is controlled under German law by a data trustee.

With the move into the Microsoft Cloud Germany, InLoox now! users gain even more. The performance of InLoox now! has increased considerably, making it more efficient to work with the SaaS-project management solution as data transfer is handled in Germany and processed more quickly. Besides, InLoox has implemented a further security mechanism: not only is the transfer of data encrypted but also the data at rest in the data centers. This provides additional protection against unauthorized access.

“We highly value the protection of our customers’ project data. So, it was an easy choice for us to take the step and move into the Microsoft Cloud Germany,” says Dr. Andreas Tremel, founder and CEO of InLoox, and adds,” despite higher overhead, we will keep the pricing of InLoox now! unchanged, as we consider the move to be an additional service for our customers.”

Microsoft is also offering Office 365 in the German cloud. For InLoox now! customers who are already using Office 365, this is an opportunity to place this application under heightened data security in the Microsoft Cloud Germany as well. Especially for businesses in strictly regulated branches like finance, education or public and governmental services can this offer be the right incentive to switch to cloud services.

Regarding the progressing digitization of German SMBs, InLoox now! is a fitting application in their efforts to invest in new technology. Keeping security standards on such a high level as provided by the Microsoft Cloud Germany is virtually impossible for SMBs. “The move to host our SaaS-solution InLoox now! in Germany is making it a viable alternative for businesses that so far have shied away from cloud solutions because of security and data access concerns,” says Dr. Andreas Tremel.

About InLoox:

InLoox engineers project management software solutions optimizing business processes and increasing productivity. InLoox’s Outlook-integrated and cloud-based project management solutions provide project managers and teams with a central workspace for collaboration on multiple projects. InLoox software is trusted by thousands of companies across all industries in the US, North America and all over the globe. Its features provide significant productivity gains to teams at global players like AVIS, US Airways, Verizon Wireless, HP, Hitachi, Novartis, Pentax, Siemens, and many more. InLoox is privately held company founded in 1999 with headquarters in Munich, Germany, and offices in San Francisco, USA, and Stans, Switzerland.