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The infrastructure of a project

Project organization is a process, which provides the arrangements and decisions about the realization and the process of the project. Such tasks as organization of the project process, planning of the project frameworks (costs, deadlines, personnel etc.) should be carried out; all project requirements should be given to the project stakeholders during this process. Generally, the project organization is the structuring, organization and configuration as well as project process according to the plan. It provides the teamwork of the participants proceed as efficient as possible according to the inserted rules, standards and values of the project. The roles and responsibilities are divided, the rules of the teamwork are determined and the information system is defined during the project organization.

The project organization is divided into three areas of competence and responsibility. The project leadership is responsible for the whole management of the project and the project team implements the actual project. The third area is a project board, which is a supreme decision-making body, can define the project successes or cancel a project.

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