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Identifying faulty performance and claiming rectification

Project claim management is a tool for the customer as well as for the contractor to resolve unforeseen situations that come up during a project, but are not covered by change management. Claim management is particularly important at the start and end of a project, starting with the contract set up.

There are two types of claims in the claim management:

  • Own claims – the implementation of the own claims towards third parties
  • Third party claims – the prevention of the third party claims towards own company

For contractors it is important to know exactly what is expected of them. Any deviations that occur after the signing of the contract have to be documented clearly, so that the contractor can claim compensation for example any additional costs caused by time delays etc. that have occurred during the project process. But of course, it is equally important for customers to be able to claim compensation in case the contractor does not deliver products or services as agreed on in the contract.

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