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Scheduling brings a chronological order to the project plan

Scheduling creates the temporal ordering or timeline-related assignment of the operations for the project process. The logical connections between certain work packages, mile stones, project activities with start and finish date are thereby displayed. Each scheduling contains the duration of the work packages and the reserve. It is closely related to the resource planning and the planning of the material supply. The project structure plan is a basis for such planning that graphically displays the project tasks and the project division. The scheduling uses such forms of display as Gantt chart, network, list of deadlines and line chart.

It is very important to observe the whole duration of the project and the individual activities, their dependencies from the other and the capacity overload. This planning contains therefore the project duration, individual project sections and the determination of the earliest and latest deadlines; determination of time reserves; clarification of the dependency and the conditions between the defined interfaces. Such information enables the risk assessment.  As the scheduling attempts to improve the individual sections, it overlaps deadline risks.

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