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Organizational readiness

Maturity means that the company is ready for the certain action model to better perform the work of the organization. The maturity determines, whether the company is able to develop a concept to optimization and improvement of the project management in the project managament authority. It is therefore a progressive development in the project management and is often described as a maturity model while it is only one of the many different project management models or methods.

The maturity model is used to estimate the capacity of the company. There are the following stages of the development in this model: standardization; measuring; control; continuous improvement. It describes the improvement process and belongs to the quality management. This model is composed of the five steps build on one another: incomplete processes; structured processes; standardized processes; controlled processes; optimized processes. If the company wants to perform efficient and fluently the project management processes, the maturity model is ready to start up the improvement processes.

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