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The likelihood of project goals being at stake

Risk is a future element, which can probably occur, and can adversely affect the project. A risk is any factor that leads to losses and as their consequence to the deviation from objectives in a project. It is also the recognition that the problem can occur. The risk can therefore include both the danger for the project objectives and their exceeding. This term describes also the characteristics of the situation with the negative effect. The project risk is an uncertainty and impossibility to receive the authoritative information, if the delivery will be beneficial in the project environment.  

Risk deals with the following factors that impact the project area: finances, market, economy, technique, legislation, environment, reliability, society and human. All factors are grouped in four risk categories: 1. specialist, qualitative and performance-related risks; 2. project management risks; 3. organizational risks and 4. external risks. The risk occurrence impacts the project costs, time scheduling or quality of the project results.

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