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Action with defined beginning and end

The PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) defines a project as follows:


A project is a temporary endeavour to create a unique product, service or result. 


A project must therefore have these three characteristics / must meet these three requirements:

  1. time limitation
  2. uniqueness
  3. objective

Example: Re-Designing a Website

Let's say you want to redesign your website. The deadline to complete the new website is 3 months. This project meets all three requirements:

  1. time limitation: 3 months
  2. uniqueness: Of course, you can redesign your website several times, but you won't implement this particular design again. The next re-design will look different and is therefore a new project.
  3. objective: The result you get at the end is a re-designed website (=product).

An example for something that is not a project is the continuous maintenance of the website. Here the characteristics temporal limitation and uniqueness are not fulfilled, since the maintenance is a 

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