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Project management office (PMO)

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Organizational cross-project unit to develop and implement a project management system

Project office is responsible for the team coordination and for different tasks to perform both from team and the project manager side. The task area comprises the project documentation (especially their security and archiving); establishment and support of the team communication and information exchange; substitution; relief of the project manager etc. The benefit of the project office is not only to deal with large cases in the project process but also to eliminate the smallest disagreements that can lead later to large errors and defaults. 

The project assistance fulfills the tasks described above. The project office has its own room or exists virtual according to the project size. The close cooperation between project manager, project team and project office reflects a project bureau and is a center of the project knowledge. It supports the project leadership in the planning, compilation and information tasks. The project office enables all project stages to use the same methods and tools.

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