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Planning the course of the project

Time scheduling is a diagrammatic illustration of the planned project process. The sequence of the activities and milestones, which are objectively and logically connected, is, both, terminological and goal-oriented. It contains the entry and output operations, internal operational instructions, the beginning and end of the project.

The planning in the project management helps to define the boundaries of the so-called magic triangle. The magic triangle defines the relationship of deadlines/time, costs and content/volume of the project The project manager can estimate whether the project meets the defined requirements. It is, therefore, recommended that a time-schedule be, first, created. The main activities are defined and, then, split into smaller work packages to better control their duration. The actual sequence and the interaction of the individual steps is, then, defined, for which network diagrams and Gantt charts are useful tools. The project time scheduling, therefore, provides an overview of the activities, decision-making points and of the processing sequence. When problem occur, time scheduling facilitates rapidwork analysis.

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