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Finding the target state through analysis

In the target state analysis, the goals, requirements and expectations for processes, systems or projects are formulated. It describes how things should be in order to meet the goals and requirements of companies, organizations or projects. The target state analysis thus defines the desired state to be achieved in the future and follows the current state analysis in terms of time and logic.

The target state analysis builds on the findings of the analysis of the current state. Only by understanding the current state (actual state) can meaningful and realistic target specifications (target state) be defined for a process, system or project. The target state analysis involves designing solutions, strategies and measures aimed at closing the gap between the current and target states. In this sense, the current state analysis and the target state analysis complement each other: the current state analysis provides the necessary information to be able to carry out a well-founded target state analysis and thus forms the basis for the targeted planning and implementation of projects.

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