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Project team

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A group of people in charge of the project

Project team is a team, which members, usually, belongs to the different groups but fulfill different functions and tasks of the same project. It can be divided into smaller groups on demand. The project team is engaged for a certain time period and will be dissolved after the project is finished. It is also defined as a collection of persons that work together for the common objective and have a responsibility for the specific results. The project team contains all project stakeholders together with the project manager that are responsible for the project implementation.

A cooperation between the team members is necessary to do the project work effectively; each of them must be able to rely on the others. It needs communication and the team composition is a good tool for this. The project stakeholders should also be highly motivated in addition to their qualifications. The opinions, intentions and possible solutions are carefully considered, estimated and summarized in the project team. The conflicts are solved on this level and the community work is therefore secured.

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