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Statement of work

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Receivables from the customer's point of view

A statement of work, also requirements specification or customer specification, is a document that contains the full set of product requirements for the planning phase. The customer composes a catalogue of technical and framework requirements. The statement of work describes precise the verifiable services and deliveries within the framework of the contract for services. The statement of work serves as request for proposal, quotation and contract base.

A statement of work is a base for structuring a project with a realistic milestone concept. A statement of work can also be a reference document during the project, as it contains the detailed objectives and guidelines that were agreed by all project partners. It determines what and what for should be solved in the project. There are different structure types for a statement of work but the following should be always considered: objective; product overview; product use; functional and non-functional requirements, risk acceptance; supply scope, structogram, acceptance criteria.

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