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The project-related tracking of working time

The term "time tracking" basically means to record periods of time in written or digital form. When talking about time tracking in a business context, it is important to distinguish between project-related and company-related time tracking. While project-related data is used to assess the progress of a project, work time tracking is binding under labor law. Project-related time tracking refers to specific activities or tasks. Whereas company-related time tracking refers to the start and end of your working day as well as time for breacks.  

Time tracking within a project serves:

  • The determination of the actual effort for planned activities or tasks,
  • The Proof of services to the customer (important for service providers),
  • Lessons learned: realistic estimation of effort for future projects

and is therefore a relevant element of project controlling.

Time tracking can be done in different ways. The methods of handwritten recording or the use of Excel spreadsheets have meanwhile been replaced by the possibilities of digitalization by special software solutions on the PC or via app. For better traceability, many project management software solutions now offer integrated time tracking systems.


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