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Project stakeholder

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People in the project environment

Project stakeholders are individuals or organizations that are interested in the financial or other results. The stakeholders also can be sponsors, creditors, company members, shareholders as well as state and publicity (political parties, associations, media etc.). Influential groups are also considered to be stakeholders. They exist inside or outside of the company and are important in the company activities.

It is sometime difficult to distinguish who can be a stakeholder. Clear and primary definition originates from R.E.Freeman: Strategic Management - A Stakeholder Approach, published in 1984. According to his definition the project stakeholder is a group (or a person) that can influence both the achievement of objectives and the work of the company; its contribution (work, capital, resources etc.) is a basis for the company success. In the rule, the project members are those, who take active part on a project, are influenced during the project process and project progression or can determine the project results.

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