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Course of action to achieve the project goals

Project process corresponds to the project implementation that is divided into sub processes. The structure and process are defined in the project organization considering the attainment of the corporate objectives and therefore also project objectives.

The components of the project process are:

  • project start
  • project preparation
  • project planning
  • project implementation
  • project completion

The two last components should contain also the project decision. The process will be carried out by means of personnel, resources, funds, facilities, techniques and methods and will produce results at the end.

The project process means a process as a unique action and represents the whole project implementation and the internal processes in the project. Work instructions, procedure methods, network plans and tools are also considered. The difference between project process and project management process is: the organization of the project belongs to the goal fulfillment, to the project process and the choice of the corresponding project management elements belongs to the project management process.

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