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Detailing the project deliverable

The project scope statement is the reply to the requirement specification (statement of work), i.e. it describes how to implement the client’s requirements. Statement of work (SoW) and project scope statement are an important basis for the successful collaboration between the client and the project manager. It helps avoid misunderstandings which can easily arise, for example, when both sides are from different industries.

The scope statement is prepared by the contractor and describes the implementation of the previously prepared specifications by the client. The implementation of the requirements is described as precisely as possible and all necessary information for implementation is documented. All these forms the basis for the contractually agreed services of the contractor and a preliminary stage of project planning. The scope statement specifies all points of the statement of work. Milestones are specified with exact delivery dates, solution proposals are clearly formulated and, in addition to objectives, non-objectives are also included, i.e. targets that the product will not achieve.

This article has a checklist for the scope statement.

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