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Gantt chart

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Bar diagram for project scheduling

Gantt charts are an easy way to schedule tasks and track the progress of your project against your deadline, in short it is a project planning tool that shows the beginning and finish dates of individual tasks through horizontal bar graphs. A Gantt chart always consists of a horizontal axis that illustrates the time span of your project (divided in days, weeks or months) and a vertical axis that shows a list of all the individual tasks.  It is possible that some tasks might overlap, while others will run one after the other.

The advantages of using a Gantt chart is that it helps you monitor the progress of your project and to set priorities. The project manager and the team members can easily see what needs to be done at what time and if there are any delays the chart can easily be altered to balance it.

Gantt charts don’t show the dependency between tasks, which is why it is often used in combination with the Critical Path Method.  

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