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Unifying terms in project management

The standards are the set of recognized values, terminology, which is used in the project management. The standards have a legal status and contain agreed by a standardization procedure, generally applied and published rules to perform projects. The standards document tasks, methods, tools and levels of the project management. The standard work for the project management will be developed due to the standards to represent the project particularities in the project management.

The standards have the following object: to enhance the project management quality, to improve the communication through the preventing of misunderstanding; to reduce costs und to ensure the international cooperation. The standards have to be always up-to-date and be adapted in line with new project management developments. The German Institute for Standardization and national standards organizations and German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies are the German national standards organizations. These standards lay down the rules, their compliance can be also international as in the case of EU laws and regulations.

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