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Giving a project a reliable time frame

The project schedule gives an overview of a project's timeframe. It usually includes an intented start and finish date and lists all project related milestones, activities and deliverables. In order to develop a project schedule, project managers will estimate the time it will take to complete the individual action items. Scheduling therefore requires a good amount of project management experience. When estimating the duration of an action item, it is crucial to take into consideration limiting factors like available resources and budget. Another decisive factor in creating a project schedule are the action items' dependencies. It is important to maintain the order in which the individual action items should be completed in order to fulfill any existing delivery cycles. 

A project schedule is most commonly visualized in a Gantt chart. Not only do they show all important milestones and dependencies, the Gantt chart includes a progress bar that they allow team members and project managers alike to track their project's overall progress.

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