The Project Management Tool,
Integrated in Microsoft Outlook — InLoox PM

We developed a project management tool that will enthuse especially current users of the Microsoft Office Suite. InLoox PM is the project management tool that perfectly integrates with Microsoft Outlook, enhancing the groupware program — at no additional effort for the user.

InLoox PM makes use of the familiar Microsoft Outlook user interface, allowing software users to simply continue work in a software environment they are comfortable with. Moreover, users benefit from the integration of Outlook based information into the project management tool: InLoox PM automatically syncs the information in both programs, saving the user redundant data entries and maintenance effort. All emails, calendar entries, Outlook contacts and tasks can simply be transferred to the project management platform.

The InLoox Project Managememnt Tool - Excellence in Project Collaboration

Streamline all Microsoft Outlook features with the InLoox PM project management tool! Our project management tool helps you improve project related communication with everyone involved and supports you in optimizing the project schedule and calendar management. All project team members have access to project relevant information through the standardized project frame work. This ensures that everyone knows exactly what to do when and which changes have been made to the project. Project collaboration and communication has never been more reliable and transparent!

Especially project managers can benefit from working with InLoox PM: They have always a complete overview of important project data, ensuring a continuous cost control. Easily monitor cash flows from proposal over budgeting to invoicing and final accounting. Thanks to the compatibility with all Microsoft Office pograms, you can transfer project calculations to Microsoft Excel with only one click. Create a consistent project documentation, using status reports, emails, letters and tables - all file formats are 100% compatible with InLoox PM.

InLoox for Web and Smartphone

Do you prefer working with a web based solution? Discover InLoox PM Web App, our online project management software. You can use the browser based project management tool as a standalone solution an easily combine it with the Outlook integrated tool InLoox PM 7 for Outlook. User with a InLoox PM Universal License can also access the project platform via our InLoox Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android - for free!

When choosing a project management tool, there are a few things the project tool should absolutely offer you:

  • Feature range: Make sure that the project management tool offers the feature range that best fits your special needs. Many project management tool are overloaded with features, therefore extremely complex and ultimately very difficult to understand and navigate. Don't overwhelm your team with feature they don't need.
  • Transparency: A good project management solution should offer an overview of all the different and important aspects of your project portfolio. Some project management tools focus on the planning aspect others have strong communication features. If you don't have the means, however, to also manage project resource capacities and budgets, you'll have a hard time achieving successful project delivery.
  • User-friendliness: One of the decisive factors for the successful implementation of a project management tool is the acceptance among the actual users. If the team members don't actively integrate the software in their daily work, the investment is futile.
  • Customization & Scalability: Check whether the software can adopt to changing company requirements. You should prefer project management tools that allows you to organize project information reflecting existing department and file system structures. Customization options that help include specific key data is a great advantage.

InLoox PM fulfills all the above mentioned specifications. Start working with InLoox PM and save real money with a streamlined organization structure! Working with the right project management tool will help you make better decisions faster. Thanks to the increased flexiblity you can deliver better value to your customers. Accelerate team communication, optimize your project portfolio's cost structure and pace up the realization of your project goals - all with one easy-to-use project management tool.

Discover InLoox PM project management tool and its entire feature set with our free trial version. You will be thrilled by the software's flexibility and simplicity. The trial ends automatically after 30 days and there is absolutely no obligation for you.