InLoox beyond project management – A customer story

Sabine Pfleger, Tuesday 17 September 2013 | Reading time: unknown

Portrait Eddy Hagen

by Eddy Hagen, General Manager at VIGC

InLoox PM is project management software, at least that is the use it was designed for. But some InLoox customers use it for other purposes than that, thanks to the versatility of InLoox. An example is VIGC in Belgium.

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10 tips to use e-mails in your projects more efficiently

Sabine Pfleger, Monday 02 September 2013 | Reading time: unknown

Use e-mails more efficiently - InLoox


The vacation season is nearly over and the recovery effect vanishes into thin air when project team members have a first look at their e-mail inboxes after returning. It’s not unusual that hundreds of mails pile up there. No question – project communication is essential for project success - but what can you do not to drown in the flood of e-mails?

Here are 10 tips to use e-mails in your project communication as efficiently as possible:  

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