Design Thinking: Innovation rethought

Timo Gerhardt, Monday 18 July 2022 | Reading time: 7 min.

Project management is primarily about meeting the needs of the client. In some cases, this is relatively straightforward and the project team can rely on tried and tested methods to arrive at a sensible solution. When the project addresses a completely novel problem, traditional approaches are hardly sufficient. To find an innovative solution satisfying the needs of the stakeholders, the concept of design thinking is suitable. In the following article, we will show you what Design Thinking is all about and how this approach can help you manage projects. 

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Transactional vs. Transformational (Part 2): Leadership in practice

Timo Gerhardt, Monday 11 July 2022 | Reading time: 5 min.

In the first article on transactional and transformational leadership, we looked at the special features of the two leadership styles and showed how they differ. In the second part, we explain the practical relevance of the two styles. Find out in which situations the transactional leadership style makes more sense and where a transformational approach will get you to your goal faster. First, let’s revisit what basically distinguishes the two styles:

Transactional leadership Transformational leadership
Performance-oriented reward Focus on intrinsic reward
Leadership through active control Passive leadership through vision & mission
Leadership by exception Intervening by constantly questioning the status quo
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Transactional vs. Transformational (Part 1): Leadership styles in comparison

Timo Gerhardt, Monday 11 July 2022 | Reading time: 4 min.

Over time, different styles of team leadership have emerged.  A few years ago, transactional leadership was the unchallenged standard in almost all companies. Now, a transformational style seems to be catching up and winning followers. However, this does not necessarily mean that this type of leadership is categorically superior. Find out what defines both styles, how they differ, and which one is right for you in the following article. 

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