The Top Things that You Should Always Avoid Saying in a Meeting

Aaron McCardell, Tuesday 26 August 2014 | Reading time: unknown

The Top Things Not to Say in a Meeting

I've been in my fair share of business meetings, some of them effective meetings that followed some agreed-upon business etiquette, some not so much. One thing they tend to have in common is a certain set of jargon, probably intended get a certain message across but usually succeeding only in confusing or angering people. There may be no perfect way to run a meeting, but there are some best practices. Here are some of the phrases I wish I could just erase from the business person's lexicon.

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The 11 Worst Buzzwords in Business and Why You Should Avoid Them

Aaron McCardell, Wednesday 20 August 2014 | Reading time: unknown
The Worst Buzzwords in Business and Why You Should Avoid Them In my experience, one of the toughest things about being a new employee in an office is learning the business buzzwords. Every office seems to have its own set of buzzwords, an accepted lexicon forged from the various professional histories of management. The phrases aren't usually too difficult to decipher, but it can be frustrating to encounter outdated (or flat-out corny) terminology and be expected to use it. To avoid this for your new employees, consider striking these business buzzwords and phrases from your daily office vocabulary.
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If Your Employees are Happy, Everything's Better

Aaron McCardell, Monday 18 August 2014 | Reading time: unknown

Tips on how to keep up office moral because: If Your Employers are Happy, Everything's Better

Photo by Stephen Depolo (Flickr), Licensed under CC BY 2.0

Whether you're running a company or a department, it can be easy to focus your attention on your bottom line, increasing production and decreasing cost. Of course, focusing exclusively on money can mean sacrificing time you could spend focusing on your people, and since it is your people who make it possible for you to accomplish your business goals, this is an unacceptable option. So how do you ensure that you maintain office morale, whether the business is thriving or barely surviving? Here are a few ideas borne from lessons I've learned along the way.

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How to Manage Your E-Mails More Effectively - Part 1

Ariane von Berg, Wednesday 13 August 2014 | Reading time: unknown

E-Mail-Management leicht gemacht

It was a crazy start to the week, new things kept coming in by the minute and I noticed, with great annoyance, that responding to my e-mails constantly disturbed my workflow. Do you feel the same way sometimes? Then you are one of many. Studies show that e-mails are among the top ten productivity killers at work. I compiled tips that help you manage your e-mails more effectively.

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Why Comfort in the Office can Increase Daily Productivity

Aaron McCardell, Thursday 07 August 2014 | Reading time: unknown
Why Comfort in the Office can Increase Daily Productivity In my experience, I've found office productivity to be a relatively straightforward thing to measure. My team does x. How long did it take to do x? How many times can we do x in a day? Great. Now we know. Let's try to keep our daily completions of x at around that level.
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The Reasons why Project Management Software is Essential to Your Business

Aaron McCardell, Monday 04 August 2014 | Reading time: unknown

Why Project Management Software is Essential to Your Business

Photo by Sebastiaan ter Burg (Flickr),, Licensed under CC BY 2.0

It struck me the other day as I was doing my daily project management that it has literally never been easier to manage projects, and yet, it's never been more intricate. I thought back to my past systems - not just digital tools, but an intricate series of Post-Its and emails to myself - and it's amazing to me what I'm capable of tracking now with the click of a button. This thought led to wondering how many people are still stuck in the Post-It days and whether or not they know the benefits of business software, which led to this blog post.

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