5 Questions on the Critical Path

Sabine Pfleger, Monday 27 May 2013 | Reading time: unknown

Source: http://projektmanagement-definitionen.de/glossar/kritischer-pfad/

The critical path is one of the classic instruments in project management and an excellent tool for project time planning. However, project management students and even experienced project managers often have difficulties explaining what the critical path really is. Our 5 questions on the critical path will help you to gain a better understanding:

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Check list: Project completion

Sabine Pfleger, Friday 17 May 2013 | Reading time: unknown

Check list project completion

The project is finally done and even the last work package is completed. After weeks of hard work, the team is looking forward to its well-deserved vacation or new tasks. Most of them are happy to leave the project behind after a stressful final project stage. No wonder that motivation for a formal project completion is low at that point. But if the customer demands improvements at a time when the team is already scattered to the four winds, a sloppy project completion will take its toll.

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