Successfully Leading Virtual Teams

Ariane von Berg, Thursday 20 November 2014 | Reading time: unknown
How to Lead Virtual Teams and What Makes them Effective The modern work environment is defined by its growing internationalization – especially when it comes to project based work. People from all over the world collaborate on a joint project like international roll-outs and development. With team members located in different countries and time zones, it seems like the traditional concept of team leadership is no longer valid for a major part of business undertakings. Here’s a guide to virtual collaboration and tips for being successful with geographically distributed teams.
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9 Creative Ways to Finance Your Startup Business

Aaron McCardell, Monday 17 November 2014 | Reading time: unknown

9 Ways to Finance Your Startup Business

Photo by Flickr User Tax Credit, Licensed under CC BY 2.0

Having a great idea is only the first part of starting a new business. Once you have a plan in mind for your startup business, how will you finance it? Rather than waiting for your fairy godmother to magically drop a bundle of cash on you, take action to raise the money you need through traditional and non-traditional methods.

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Agile Project Management - Concepts, Methods, Techniques

Klara Obermair, Friday 07 November 2014 | Reading time: 4 min.

Agile Project Management

Agile methods are becoming more and more popular in the field of project management – not only in the IT-sector where they originally stem from. They promise high dynamics and low planning efforts. This blog posts provides you with facts on agile project management that you always wanted to know, but never dared to ask.

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