How to turn around ailing projects

Ariane von Berg, Friday 20 June 2014 | Reading time: unknown

How to turn around ailing projects

Deadlines and budget limits are overrun, your project team is overloaded with work and the positive spirit that was prevalent at the beginning vanished into thin air. All this signals: Your project is en route to failure. Not necessarily – you can still change tack and here’s how.

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5 Rules to Lead By

Ariane von Berg, Thursday 12 June 2014 | Reading time: unknown
Tips for Effective Leadership We closed last week’s blog post with the finding that management and leadership are two sides of one medal – a successful organization, can’t do without either one. This leaves us still with the question, what are leadership essentials?
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Leadership = Management?

Ariane von Berg, Thursday 05 June 2014 | Reading time: unknown

What is the difference between leadership and management?

Leadership is on everyone’s lips, the great majority of job listings ask candidates to have “strong leadership skills” and academic institutions continuously create new leadership courses and workshops. But what exactly is this famous leadership? And how is it different from management?

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