Interaction between InLoox and Outlook

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With InLoox, you have the possibility to access important functions like your inbox and calendar without having to explicitly open Outlook. By synchronizing mails and appointments, you can therefore access all relevant information directly in InLoox and continue using it without having to switch between different applications. This enables you to work particularly efficiently.

To use these features, follow these steps:

1. Click Track in the menu on the left.

2. If you are using the features for the first time, you first have to give your permission for InLoox Web App to read your calendar and e-mails. To do this, click on Connect Microsoft Account. 

Office 365 Authorization - Grant InLoox Web App access to read Outlook appointments

3. A Microsoft window will open, where you have to Accept the Read Calendar / Read Inbox permission.

Berechtigung - Eigene Kalender lesen

After accepting the permission to read, you can now access your mails or appointments.

In the upper left corner you have the possibility to switch between Inbox and Calendar.

Save e-mails from the inbox or track appointments from the calendar


Now you can work with your Outlook elements in InLoox:

How to use emails in InLoox

InLoox AI: Generate tasks from email texts

Time tracking of calendar entries