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System requirements for the InLoox for Outlook  Modern Add-in

  1. Windows: Microsoft Outlook® 2016 or higher / Microsoft Outlook® for Microsoft 365 in latest version
  2. Mac: Microsoft Outlook® 2016 or higher / Microsoft Outlook® for Microsoft 365 in latest version
  3. Microsoft Outlook® on the web
  4. Connection to the Internet / the InLoox On-Prem Server


How to install the InLoox for Outlook  Modern Add-in

There are generally two ways to get the add-in into your Outlook:

1. Self-installation for cloud users: Users of one of the cloud editions can download the InLoox for Outlook add-in themselves from the Microsoft Store:

  • Visit https://appsource.microsoft.com/en-us/product/office/WA200006590 or search for InLoox for Outlook manually in the Microsoft Store.
  • Follow the installation instructions.
  • After successful installation, you will find an Open InLoox Add-in button at the top of your Outlook menu. 
    Note This option is only available for users of the cloud editions. Users of InLoox On-Prem must use the following method.

2. Via your Office 365 administrator: Your company's Office 365 administrator can provide you with the InLoox for Outlook add-in. Please read the following instructions.


Installation guide for Microsoft Office 365 admins

1. Log in to Microsoft Office 365 with your administrator account.

2. Select the app launcher icon at the top left and click Admin. Alternatively, open https://admin.microsoft.com/

3. In the sidebar, click Show all.

4. In the Admin Center, go to Settings > Integrated apps.

5. Depending on your InLoox edition, proceed as follow:

  • On Prem:
  1. Select Upload custom apps.
  2. In the App type field, select Office Add-in
  3. Activate the checkbox Upload manifest file (.xml) from device.
  4. Click Choose File to select the manifest file that you have received for the InLoox for Outlook add-in.
  5. Click on Next.
  • Cloud:
  1. Select Get apps.
  2. Search for InLoox for Outlook.
  3. Click Get It Now, then click Get It Now again.

6. In the "Deployment method" section, select an option to specify how the add-in will be deployed to users.

7. In the "Assign users" section, select one of the following options to specify to whom the add-in should be deployed.

  • Entire organization: Select this option to deploy the add-in to everyone.
  • Specific users/groups: Select this option to deploy the add-in to selected users or user groups only. Use the search option to find users or groups for whom you want to provide the add-in.
  • Just me: Select this option to make the add-in available only to yourself.

8. Click Next, then click Next again.

9. Finally, click on Finish deployment. A green tick is displayed when the add-in deployment was successful. 

Info Deployment on all devices can take up to 24 hours.